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"Logan what the fuck! Can you not?" I shout as I'm hit in the back of the head with a football. I lift my arm to rub the back of my head dramatically and grab the football from the ground, lobbing it towards my brother quickly and to my disappointment, he reactions just in time to catch it flawlessly and throw a wicked grin at me while I simply glare back.

Levi throws me an apologetic look as he catches a toss from Logan and continues to play a quick game of catch in the middle of the airport, surprising that we haven't gotten kicked out or something. 

Usually, I'd be playing with them but I'm still in a pissy mood at the fact that we have to move from our home in Minnesota to California. The only thing I'm not upset about is that we'll be leaving the winter cold for sun. So I sit here and pout, ignoring my parents until I decide that not speaking to them won't solve anything and we're still going to move. 

"Mom, can I have some money to go get food please?" I ask hesitantly, looking down at my mom from my 5'10 height. She looks up and rolls her eyes, handing me a $20 bill. 

"Great, I'm starved," Leo says and wraps his arm around my shoulder, leading us off in the direction of the food shops and away from the busy gate. I don't mind letting Leo tag along as he is the least annoying of the triplets.

"That didn't take long," I say monotonously as I hear the pounding of footsteps slap the linoleum floors, approaching from behind us. I roll my eyes as Levi and Logan catch up to us and we immediately receive a shit load of attention, well, not we but more so my brothers. It's not every day that you see triplets, much less triplets as good looking as they are which I hate to admit.

My older brothers take after my father in the looks department; they're all tall, tan, blonde, and have a naturally athletic build although only Logan and Levi use that to their advantage, Leo prefers to spend his time creating art by use of paints mostly. While Logan and Levi both play football with Logan being a quarterback and Levi is a wide receiver.

"Can you stop checking that girl out and just order already," I exclaim to the dumb asses currently holding up the line because they are to busy eye fucking the ditzy looking blonde sitting at a table nearby, ditzy not because she's blonde but because she's twirling her hair around her dainty little finger and giggling at nothing but the attention she's receiving.

I finally catch their attention by mocking the girl and doing exactly the same thing she is. I twirl my blonde hair around my finger and do my best attempt at a giggle which draws their eyes to me and I immediately cut the crap, motioning to the counter where the cashier is waiting to take their orders. They grumble but order, all of us getting giant, greasy burgers and devouring them before we reach the gate so as to avoid our mother's disapproving glare.

"What crawled up your ass Laur?" Logan mumbles with a mouthful of burger as we walk away from the fast-food restaurant.

"What do you think Sherlock?" I bite back.

Our mom is always up our asses about eating healthy, dressing to impress, and making flawless presentations of ourselves. I internally roll my eyes at that thought, as if any of us could give up our burgers, and for the clothing, she'd practically have to rip our track pants off of our cold dead bodies in order to make us dress up.

Meanwhile, our dad couldn't give less of a shit, he's pretty much the one who made us this way, as you'd expect. Our dad was a professional soccer player in Estonia before he retired and moved to Minnesota where he met our mother and settled down. Having triplets on the first try definitely wasn't planned, and apparently, three spawns weren't enough so here I am.

We all take seats beside our parents, finally settling down just in time to board the plane. I groan at having to stand up again and Levi holds his hands out to help me up. We grab our carry on bags and board the plane first due to our priority seating.

Not only was our dad a professional soccer player, but he also used his small fortune to invest in hotels which is the reason for our move to California. Our family owns all of the "SweetHart" hotels across North America which are located in just about every major city including Kingston, California.

The plane ride passes by agonizingly slowly due to my annoying brothers and getting stuck beside Logan while Levi and Leo sit in the seats on the other side of the aisle, our parents purposefully sitting two rows in front of us to steal a few hours away from us. 

Logan passes the time by listening to his music on full blast so that I can hear through his headphones which dangle around his neck, and throwing mini pretzels at me that the damn flight attendant keeps giving him even though they aren't supposed to be free. I have a feeling that she has a crush on my brothers by the way she blushes when they address her directly. 

Eventually, the pilot announces our landing and I look out the window to see blue. I blink a few times to help my eyes adjust to the brightness, but I immediately become excited at the sight of the water and sand. I see similar looks of excitement on my family's faces once they recognize the sandy wonderland outside, severely contrasting to our previous location which consisted of white, snow-covered ground all over.

We hastily hurry off the plane and immediately feel the change in temperature as we step onto the bridge spanning the gap in between the plane and the gate. I groan and strip off my sweater, unconsciously drifting away from Logan's body who happens to be the closest emission of body heat to me.

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