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"Laurel gets the room at the top of the stairs! The rest of you can pick yours." My mom yells as the four of us go racing through the front door and up the stairs. I smirk to myself, knowing already that my mother gave the biggest room, besides the master bedroom, to me because I'm the only girl and the youngest, not that I can't defend myself because I can definitely hold my own against my older brothers.

"Again? What the fuck! It's not our fault we were born first!" Logan yells back and I smirk, flouncing into my room like I own the place, which I kind of do. The smirk on my face drops as soon as I open the door and I immediately hear laughter from over my shoulder.

My room has all pink accents decorating the majority of the large space that is supposed to be mine. It looks exactly opposite to how my room was decorated back at our previous home and opposite to how I would like my space to be.        

"Wow. It really suits you Laurel. I just know that you'll love it here." Logan says all the while trying not to burst into laughter. Leo and Levi join in with the teasing and I mentally curse my mother, knowing without a doubt that this is her doing.

"Isn't it lovely?" Speak of the devil and she shall appear. 

My mother walks up behind me to peer proudly into the room that she must have decorated herself, while my brothers scurry off to find their own bedrooms which most likely have not  been decorated without their approval.

"Mom, it looks like Hello Kitty threw up all over the room." I groan, barely able to stand the girly accents of the room. It's not even the color that pisses me off, because I think it's stupid to hate a color  based on association to a gender. I hate the flower pillows, I hate the fur carpets and throws, and I especially hate the brightness.

I use my bedroom to sleep. How can one sleep when the place could probably be seen from space with the ceiling in the way. It practically glows! Not to mention that this room is so impersonal, my mother knows what I like, but she doesn't bother to accept that it's not going to change simply by designing my new room.

My old room was dark but tasteful, with minimal decoration besides a well-placed shelf of trophies and some signed jerseys hanging above my bed. My entire family is into playing and watching just about every sport, excluding my mom. She was a cheerleader in university but doesn't like to play or watch contact sports of any kind.       

I love to play contact sports with my brothers and dad, but my aptitude is definitely swimming. We always had a pool growing up which made it easier for me to excel in the sport. The biggest reason for my reluctance to leave Minnesota was the fact that I was the captain of the swim team. I worked my ass off for years to earn that title and lead my team to the championships this year, all for nothing.

It couldn't have been easy for Levi and Logan either, considering they were the co-captains of the football team at school. I don't think Leo cared one way or the other, as long as he finds his inspiration to paint, that's all that he needs. I try to keep that in mind, swimming will be everywhere, and as long as I can find a pool, I can find my inspiration to persevere.

Speaking of which, where is the pool? I turn around to ask my mother who seems to have wandered off while I was lost in my thoughts. I hear my brothers shouting at each other, fighting over bedrooms as I make my way back down the stairs in search of the pool.

My eyes widen and I smile in delight as I spot a reflection of water on one of the walls. I walk towards it and my smile increases tenfold, finally reaching the pool. All of my woes wash away as I stare longingly at the large indoor pool, surrounded by glass walls. The aquamarine catches my eye and I itch to jump in.       

Not wasting another second, I sprint up the stairs and into my room, searching for my bag. I pout when I realize that they aren't due to arrive until later tonight. I shrug and grab a towel from the nearest linen closet which is already full of linens and towels.

"Whatcha doin' Laur?" I turn around to see my brothers all standing in the doorway of one of their respective bedrooms, looking at me curiously.

"Swimming, what do you think?" I ask sarcastically and turn around to find the giant staircase. I find the pool once again and lay my towel on one of the chairs lining the edge of one side. I strip my clothes off until I'm standing in just my underwear and I dive in. 

The skin of my hand breaks the surface of the water first, followed by the rest of my body and I allow the cool water to surround me, lowering my body temperature slightly. I revel in the feeling of the smooth droplets sliding down my face from my hair and joining the source when they fall back into the pool. 

I sink back below the surface where the silence is comfortable as am I. I kick off from the tiled wall and propel myself forward, swimming leisurely until my lungs can no longer take the lack of oxygen.

I swim up to the smooth surface and emerge only to be splashed by the triplets as they simultaneously jump into the pool all around me, just barely missing me. I roll my eyes and wipe the excess water from my face, waiting for them to reappear. After a few seconds, they all poke their heads up and start laughing. 

"Ha! Did we get you?" Logan laughs and swipes his hand across the surface of the water towards me to send a small stream of water to slap my face. "Who am I kidding, of course we did." 

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