Moon child

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Moon child

when you like something so much  go and take it thats what my grand father

told me .

when you find yourself want something so much then its yours

and its  calling you to take what is really yours before

you were born . so dont be afraid and do your best to get it

if you got it you will have the Joy of succes and its yours forever

and if you failed thenm it was not really yours 

Thats what was in My mind after I have seen him . he is mine 

I dont know his name or anything about him but something told 

me go and get him and because I always follow my gut I have took

this risk and I tried to know him . I talked to the Moon every day about him

its easy for a girl to behave like a secret agent when she likes

a guy and Thats a fact in girls 's world  .

I wanted to know everything about My lost love . yeah he is my lost

love and im planning to take what is mine .

Thats what Noor told herself while she was sitting in her favourite

place the library after she saw that guy  

the spark in his eyes took away  her breath and she decided to know him

Maybe .. just Maybe it will work out 

she spend her nights talking to the Moon about him 

My lovely Moon friend I've seen him today and he was as beautiful

as the most beautiful tropical forest . my lovely Moon I like him

so much and I find myself drowning day after day in the sea of his love

is that love ? My lovely Moon what I have to do to know him ?

to have his heart ? 

thats what she used to tell the Moon about her crush . the guy she

really liked so bad . 

after one week of her looking for any information about him 

she found some informations . she wanted to go and just say Hi

but she was too shy for this so she had a very weird idea

she got it from Cindrella story while she was watching the cartoon movie

so next day at 10 pm she went to his house and turned off all the

lights of the house without his premission and she entered by

climbing the trees which is near his room .

she saw him sitting smoking near the window but he didnot saw her

and after she turned off the lights he couldnot see anything

but the fire in the cigar . and she whispered did not know

you were smoking ah thats a little bit disapointing .

Tony shocked and said who is here . who are you and how you entered ? 

Noor said . calm down im not a theif or anything i just wanted to talk to you

so sad i cant do that face to face coz im shy and coz we almost

see each other every day but you dont know me 

if i just came and said what i want to you there i will be

the joke of the school and if i just waited maybe id regret being

silent so i just found this solution . to tell you what i want 

here in the Drak 

Tony said . so you are just a crazy girl . okay if you didnot

go out right now id call the police i have no time for childish games 

Noor said . you can't , you can't even stand up and walk its so dark

and i turned off all the light plus it would be too rude

for you to do that with a girl like me 

Tony said . so btw how you really entered the house ?

Noor said . i climbed the tree and then i opened the window

and here i'm so i risked just to have this chance to talk to you

imagine if i failed now id be in hospital with a broken leg

and that means staying in bed for 3 weeks 

so you should now be thankful and you should cheer me up

instead of being rude 

Tony said . what a wise girl but really do you feel sane ?

do you think this is a sane behavior ?

look i need to turn on the lights at least let me see you 

Noor said if you turned on the light I will go and

you will never hear from me again 

i will just fade away and never talk to you and you will

miss the chance to know what i wanted to tell you

tony said . okay Deal but you will never tell me who you really

are . at least say your name 

Noor said . cant tell you my name but you can call me light

tony said . why light ?

you will appear only in darkness so i should call you


Noor said . i will take it as a compliment

you will say sorry for that later 

and after tony finally gave her the time to talk and tell him . she said : i talk to the Moon about you every night 

i know i like you . your beautiful big eyes your sad smile your calm nature . too bad i cant say that on your face

. tony said wow thats so poetic . Noor replied thank you then she told him about her dreams then she told him she must leave at 12 am 

and if he ever tried to follow her or turn on the light she would never come again

tony was excited and wanted to know more from her 

so after 3 days she  did the same . turned off the lights and came

while tony was watching tv he found suddenly all the lights turned off

so he said .. Are you there light ?

she said yeah 

he replied so where were you the last few days 

she said . coz i dont trust yet if you will respect our deal

so i prefer just visiting you while you dont know when 

so id be safe 

tony said but you must trust me now

noor replied i want to

just promise me to never break our deal


Edited: 22.12.2018

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