Mr. Innad

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What Happened?


Mr. Innad by mawsPlace1


Innad walks into his loft apartment after a long day of work and working out at the gym the time now is about 6:30 p.m. in Chicago and it's raining outside; nonetheless, as the rain beats against the back window panes which sit off the riverfront side of the building. Innad, proceeds into the loft it is dark inside and currently, there was only light coming in from the windows from outside and light coming from down the hall out of the bedroom as he dropped his keys on the hallway table the room feels a little cold and dreary, the loft has a sense of lifelessness. Innad, proceed toward the light down the short hallway to the bedroom. He begins to call out, "Calvin is that you! ..." "…Calvin!” “… Calvin!”

“… Are you home?” “…I want to tell you about my day?"

Now there was no response from the bedroom and it seems strange because Calvin is very loquacious with a lot of charisma. Calvin comes from a family of six siblings, whereby he is the oldest such as Innad who is the oldest of three brothers. Innad rushes into the room only to find Calvin stretched prostrate across the floor, urine and blood coming out of his body; he did not want to believe what was a reality; Innad screamed out with tears in his eyes. "Calvin!"-"Calvin, please wake up! Please, oh God! CALVIN!

There was no response from Calvin a 40-year-old, 5-11 chocolate skin, curly hair, hazel-eyed physically fit with a big bubble butt black gay man was lifeless and cold. Calvin had been there on that floor for a few hours before Innad’s arrival at the loft. At this time with amazement in such a frantic manner, Innad, pulls his cell phone out to call 911, "911 operator 18596” “… what is your emergency?" With much excitement confusion and terror inside his voice, my partner is stretched out on our bed bedroom floor lifeless; I'm not sure hurry send an ambulance!, Please send an ambulance, Oh, God! "Sir, what is your name, Innad, ma'am please hurry, Mr. Innad, please try to stay calm, I have an ambulance on the way" "...are there any signs of forced entry or break-in?" Innad replied, "No, ma'am please hurry! Please hurry! "Mr. Innad the police and ambulance are on the way," "... in fact, they should be there shortly as we speak," Innad told her, "...Yes, Yes, they are here thank you!" "...I need to open the door!”...Thank you! Innad throws the phone down on the chair and runs to open the door for the emergency paramedic. "...Oh, God, NO! Innad screamed, "...please help us he is in the bedroom," is what he tells the paramedic.

The paramedics began to work on Calvin, to no avail it was too late Calvin was gone. While they were working on him, the police were questioning Mr. Innad and asking all kind of questions. By this time Francesca shows, up for she lived in the building complex on the 10th floor. She saw and heard all of the commotions and realizes that it was all on the eighth floor. She got off the elevator on the eighth floor and saw the yellow tape draped across the hallway near Innad and Calvin's Loft. She rushed in with her short-bob haircut and big butch black girl look, sort of hard with her thick black eyebrow very frowned upon with worry across her countenance, she screamed out, "...Brother!, brother!", the police at the door asked, "...Mr. Innad is this your sister?" Francesca stated with much authority, "...Hell yes! I'm his sister!" "Now, move out my way and let me by, Sir!" Innad told him, "...yes! yes!" "Officer she is my sister!"

Innad and Francesca grew up together although she was two years older than Innad (27), and their mother's both worked at UPS for 18 years and lived on the Westside of Chicago neighborhood block for most of that time until the death of Francesca father five years ago and her mom was placed in a mental hospital. She could not live without her husband and tried to commit suicide three times. Innad stated, "...Francesca, it is Calvin!" "...I think he is dead!" As he screamed, out and began to cry profusely. She shouted, "Oh, God, No!” "...not Calvin not Calvin!"

By this time, the paramedics were rolling Calvin's body by the two of them on a stretcher wrapped inside a black body bag. While they are carrying him out of the loft to the ambulance downstairs, the police officer turned to Innad and told him he was going to have to come down with them to the Police Station to continue the investigation to file an incident report. He stated that currently, you are not under arrest; nonetheless, this is police protocol. Police ask, "...did Mr. Jones have any next of kin?" and Innad stated, "... yes, but they are all in Detroit Michigan." The police officer stated, " you have any next to kin, Mr. Innad?" and he stated, "... yes, I need to call my father he is an attorney."

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