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CHAPTER 2. Somewhere in heaven…

CHAPTER 2. Somewhere in heaven…

“Blessed is our God always, now, and ever, and unto ages of ages.”

“Amen. Glory to you, our God. Heavenly King. Most holy Trinity. Our Father.”

“For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages.”

“Amen. God, have mercy! God, have mercy! God, have mercy! Both now and ever. Come and bow.”

“Blessed is our God.”

“Come and bow. Bless my soul, Lord, Lord, my God.”

“God compassionate, merciful and patient, hear our prayers and receive the voice of our prayers, hath done great things to us for our good: set us on your path, and the truth of the Lord abideth forever: cheer our souls…”

The choir and archangels continued to sing and only one angel wasn’t listening to the payers anymore, looking with its strangely warm blue eyes in the depth of the crowd where another angel was threading its way, making signals. Completely baffled and knocked off the meaning of the prayers he, or in fact, she was moving her big fluffy eyelashes up and down over perfectly outlined eyelids by nature. Bowing her head to one side or another, she was looking with interest at her colleague approaching her. His signs, which she didn’t understand at the beginning, became more and more distinct as well as a bundle of paper, sealed with blue wax. Curiosity didn’t bother her since it wasn’t in angel’s nature so she was waiting patiently. It might have seemed so when looking at her.

The angel peered at a blue ribbon and a sealing wax that matched her eyes both with tiredness and excitement. This ribbon could only mean one thing: the message is encrypted only for her, no one else can read it. That indicated the mission of special importance.

Doing nothing was tedious for her, but almost tangible tiredness after the previous assignment made her sigh heavily and furtively. The breathless angel handed her the bundle, asking with a gesture to unfold it quickly. She obediently unfolded the paper, looking at the message and then at the messenger. And he was still hurrying her to read everything. Actually, she could have turned the paper the way that he could read it as well. After all, the chief always made up something for the curious ones, who were looking into her assignments. This was their peculiar game and a secret only for two. However, sometimes this game, which made her so happy, also made her frown sadly. One of the few female warriors, she officially received the simplest tasks. So over time, colleagues began to make fun of her – they said it would be better to sing in the choir and look after the infants just like other ladies did.

In such moments, it was especially difficult to suppress righteous anger. What did they know about how it feels to look after a newborn, whose mother was called dysfunctional even by people? On the other hand, she wasn’t supposed to remember it. Even if the memories came back, this meant the task had already come into effect, starting now.

She was smiling gratefully while rereading the new task, because she could be useful to Him and people again.

“What’s there?” the angel asked her, looking into the paper, slightly leaning forward and pulling his whole body up.

“You shouldn’t be reading others’ papers” she pursed her little lips with displeasure, folding such an important message and looking straight into his eyes.

She was wondering what variant the chief prepared for the curious? Should she follow a lead once again or would mentoring intonations be enough to blow the colleague off?

“I know I shouldn’t! But I’m curious why you’ve been sent with the missions more often than others. Did you know that even archangels started to think about it?

“No,” she whispered in surprise and confusion. “Even the archangels themselves ?!”

That was a bad news. Special forces are, by definition, special. They accomplished the tasks other specialists couldn’t handle without arousing suspicion.

“Yes, they did. They say…But, perhaps, there’s no point…” He said and turned away, trying to engage her in a lively conversation and arouse curiosity in her.

But she was amazed at his strange behavior. Then he shrugged his shoulders in frustration and turned his face to her.

“They say,” he whispered conspiratorially, “that God is satisfied with your service and will visit you soon himself...Personally!” He said with a growing interest, the usual liveliness of his character was coming back to him.

Having noticed this conversation, some of the angels were turning to them, stopping the chants and hushing at him, wanting some silence. He nodded to them, promising this way to fulfill their desire, and really did speak more quietly for a bit, but soon the excitement picked his voice up again and carried it higher, made it stronger. And again others were turning around discontentedly.

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