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“You’re looking at me. Why?” Mare asked suddenly waking up.

What a strange, light sleep humans have. How do they rest at night if even a glance can wake them up? So many come to look at them at night. Even if they don’t see anyone, as a rule, but they feel them!

“What, do you have any law up there that forbids to look at you?” George said ironically.

“You’re deliberately evading the answer.’

“Really? You noticed that?”

“Stop kidding around,” she said absolutely calm.

“I never meant it!” George slowly got up from his chair, watching her closely. The illusion still didn’t go anywhere.

“I’m not an illusion”

“He said that too…”

She gave him a reproachful look.

“Are you afraid of light forces?”

“Light it’s when it doesn’t do any harm...” The man concluded philosophically, going to finally cook something and stifle the growling noise in his stomach with food. “And during your time here in my life, you have taken so much nerves from me that it is difficult to call you a light force. Exhaustion is also a harm, I suppose?”

“Your exhaustion is caused not by my presence, but by his arrival. Moreover, benefit and harm are very relative concepts.”

“Really? Feels only now for some reason!

“It was planned that way by the dark forces. They play their dirty tricks and then people think it was us when we come to save their souls.”

“So your whole lightness involves waving your arms after a fight? Figuratively, of course, speaking ...

“Why are you twisting my words?!” She resented.

“What else can I do, in your opinion?”

“Pray! You can only pray!”

“For the salvation of my soul?” George snorted skeptically and surprisingly quickly caught himself being not afraid of the presence of supernatural forces in his tiny apartment anymore and feeling gratitude for brightening up his lonely colorless existence. What’s interesting, he felt gratitude to both sides equally.

“Exactly!” The girl exclaimed and looked at him angrily.

“God save me,” George said simply, raising his eyes to the ceiling. “Is kneeling necessary?”

“No, thank you, it’s not. God doesn’t listen to such prayers. He needs your words to come from the soul! Be sincere! But you understand! Why are you pretending?

“Ah! So he dares to be picky?”

“Stop blaspheming right now! Immediately!”

“I hear and obey, oh the most beautiful! You know, I'm beginning to find everything happening even funny to some extent...”

“What's so funny if I don’t even understand what I’m doing here when you’re a professed heretic?”

“It’s only you who don’t understand. And I absolutely do! God sent you to brighten up my loneliness!

“If you don’t believe in Him, that is, you think that He doesn’t exist, how can you talk about His goals? The goals of the one who, in your opinion, doesn’t even exist?

“What do you mean “doesn’t exist”?! Don’t you dare to blaspheme in my house!”


Mary jumped up, staring at the man in amazement. A minute ago she was leading the dialogue and now he took the reins and was handling the conversation in an unknown direction.

“You heard me! I very much believe that there is something, somewhere! Don’t dig into my soul! I'm free to say anything I want. That’s it!”

“No, it’s not! Don’t you dare ...”

“What about breakfast?” He asked quietly, ignoring her cue. “I missed my dinner with all of you yesterday and I’m not going to miss breakfast today!” He kindly nodded to her and went into the kitchen.

“Don’t dare to talk about us as if we are in the same team!”

“Agreed, I won’t!”

“And one more thing – angels never make any arrangements with anybody!”

“And what do angels do?”

So, she’s an angel, George smiled stealthily. What a strange surrealistic feeling. And incredibly insulting. He understood, remembered the mother's instructions that things are sequential, even if everything happens in a totally different way. But the insult was still suffocating. Why didn’t they respond to his calls when he needed them? These torments didn’t make him stronger or tougher. At least, it seemed to him so. So, his childhood and adolescence were meant for some other purposes. Joey wasn’t harmed at all, that is, he wasn’t punished: he made inquiry not so long ago and found out that the enemy from his adolescence lives in clover, he’s successful and created a strong family. Minor troubles? Well, we all face them. This is not a reason to believe that he was avenged by at least some of those to whom Georgie turned for help in the most difficult moments.

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