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Michael showed up and squatted down beside Mary, grabbed her shoulders and leaned her, pliant, to himself.

“Don’t cry. Come on, don’t cry!”

“What will happen now?” Mary asked, sobbing

“The devil knows what!” Michael chuckled and Masha laughed, which made his heart feel warm and his existence acquired a new meaning. “We'll see! Just keep your chin up.”

How does he sometimes get one word or a sentence to turn her whole world upside down and back?

“We’ll see; we have no choice. Just not to wait long. There is nothing worse than staying in the dark about things,” his brown and her blue eyes met, and they smiled at their little secret.

“And what happens to this woman now?” She asked, pulling away.

“She isn’t the heir. So the apartment is now legally passed to the state. I think that when she buries Georgie, she will join a convent, because she promised your superiors to meet there. She’ll be... what is it they say? The bride of Christ... Daily prayers, constant fasting and absurdity of thoughts, dictated to you by someone who hasn’t understood anything from what he read…”

“Stop it!” She gently pushed his shoulder with her little fist and leaned against him again. “And the girl? That girl, remember?”

“I remember, it’s hard to forget her. I don’t know what will happen to her, but he won’t back off till he gets his own, and will frighten all men off her, just to get her for him alone. And besides, who would handle it without knowing anything? People understand love as the undivided possession of another person. And she can’t belong to anyone completely and forever. But if doesn’t get her in life, he’ll haunt her there. But she is strong, I think, she will handle this.”

“I feel sorry for the girl…”

“Sorry or not, you shouldn't go into it! We don’t need more trouble! They’ll figure it out!”

“And if she can’t?”

“She will, she has no choice. She will either survive or become his property. But then he’ll snap at her to the fullest for not giving up for so much time.”

“So she’s ...”

“Doomed? No. I don’t know. Mary, I have no answer. It happens. You can’t feel sorry for all! I just forbid you to feel sorry for everyone, cut and dry! Did you hear what I said?!” Michael shouted.

Mary smiled warmly, looking at his caring expression, and nodded in agreement.

“No, don’t nod me! Tell me what you heard!”

Having mumbled something quietly, she took him away from the hospital.

“It’s strange that nobody tried to save us...” the angel said more loudly and thoughtfully.

“Who needs a homeless person?”

“You're a cynic,” she snorted.

“I'm realist.”

“But what about the Hippocratic oath?”

“This is his oath, not each’s personally, they just repeated it obediently and that’s all. From the time of his life, it was rewritten so many times and adapted to ‘present’ ... You’re just too naive. Look how many deaths are around. Is it possible to save everyone? Their strengths, knowledge, skills and powers aren’t unlimited, even if some of them really burn out.”

“You are too unfair to people,” he stopped, looking at her attentively and somewhat surprised, and she continued: “First, they don’t see us. And I made sure of that while I was with George, awaiting your return. How can they help us? Moreover, it’s our job to help them, and not vice versa. Isn’t it? I myself witnessed real miracles so many times when I was a minute late that could have cost someone's life, and they kept the person by all means they know, right up to my very arrival... Even we don’t have time to keep up with two tasks, let alone the ordinary people. And finally, just look how many people they save every day! Sklifosovskiy, Pirogov, Amosov, Bogomolets and other geniuses of our time! Every country, every region and city has its own outstanding talents and minds that help God to cure and prolong life daily. Even when it seems impossible. What technological heights they’ve reached! And what’s more important,” Mary said getting more and more excited, looking him straight in the eye, “one can’t judge by nationality, profession, religion, family or friends, only by one of the representatives. You can’t judge even by the majority!”

“Why not?” Michael asked subtly, gazing devouringly at her.

“Because then we wouldn’t be standing here together...” she replied quietly, suddenly turning timid, looking away and moving towards the door. “Remember who you are…”

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