My Possession

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Chapter 1: The haunt

Chapter 1: The haunt

I was standing on beside my coffin that first day of my funeral. Mother was still crying and dad was beside her as usual. And here I was, watching my awkward corpse wearing a suit I usually ditch from wearing in any occasions possible. Let’s just say, I wore it just this once and after not liking the tight, hot and uncomfortable wear, I just insisted never to wear one.

But now that I’m a lying doll inside a narrow box, had my hands together pressing my belly and pathetically sleeping with that stitch mark on the forehead. few people were here and I’m not expecting more since nobody even knew me. Who would actually receive attention from a nobody? I was watching each people who sat there for a while on my funeral, few people who would take a look at my corpse shows hidden distaste every time no one was there to look and I felt the same way when I was watching my body on that cushion.

Then a new man entered. It was my uncle Norman who usually mistaken me from Nelson, a man I don’t even know that existed not before last month when uncle invited me to go fishing with his other colleague and that was the man he was mistaking me for. Nelson was good looking teen boy who arrogantly told me that I was lucky to have been able to get some ‘features’ from him and that was the first time I wanted to punch someone who I just met for 1 minute of speaking with him. Seriously, I got my face from my parents and not from him. But going back to uncle Norman. I watched him as he made his way towards my parents saying his condolence of my loss then soon after he went to peek inside my coffin, stared at it for brief moment before taking his seat on the near back corner of the room staring front quietly than sitting beside my mom who was actually his younger sister.

Few more people entered and I could still familiarize their faces such as my grandparents, neighbors, childhood colleagues and few of my classmate who just came to take a quick peak and leaving. My godparents showed up in complete sets of pairs, despite their busy schedules it was a surprise that they were able to come and remember me.

Few hours later, people started to leave. It was already 9 in the evening and they made a one by one step on leaving my parents and give a quiet time on the first night. I remained there standing until night came to pass and my second day on that coffin went smoothly.

I stood out of the house on the sunrise and watched the normal day on our front yard where I see students passing by as usual, but in some ways, they were actually glancing at the house before fully leaving our sidewalk. And while I was watching the daily life in front of me, I saw a familiar face stopped right in front of my house. Almyra who was wearing a black dress flawlessly as her hair waves behind her shoulders as she looked at the window straight to my room. She was my classmate, well on the popular side that is. But despite having that chick title all over her, she appeared to be a nerd and a loner. I was only able to talk to her during group activities and then she’s stick up her headphones on like saying back off before anyone could even talk to her. And now she began to make her way towards the front yard and entered my door. I followed her out of curiosity as she made her way towards the living room where funeral was. Few eyes were on her when she paused in front of my coffin, staring at it blankly. And to my surprise, she turned towards the direction where I stood staring straight to my eyes.

What the hell’s with that girl? I looked at her skeptically as she walked forward towards my direction that somewhat, my transparent appearance wanted to run away. But frozen in place I waited until she was facing me face to face. “My condolence.” She said before turning back at me and started walking away.

Still in disbelief I followed her. “Wait! Almyra!” I shouted calling out but she didn’t stop from walking that made me block her way. And that’s when she stopped and stared at me. “You can see me?” I asked.

“Stop following me.” She said and just passed by me, as if emerging from my tansparent apparition. “It’s not my place to put you to rest.”

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“Where else do you think will I be going?” she asked back.

I looked at her, well equipped with a bag slinging on her shoulder and school ID hanging on her neck. She was wearing her black under the knee dress and a pair of black leather shoes that I heard she use as her self defense weapon. That shoes were said to have broken guys’ bones all these years.

“You’re grinning.” She said that made me suddenly stop from my thoughts and looked at her. She backed away a little with a frown on her forehead as she unzipped her shoulder bag. I simply stared at her skeptically as she did that. “You’re an evil spirit aren’t you?”

“W-what?” I looked at her in disbelief.

“Don’t you come closer. I-I have a holy water.” She brought a small bottle out of her hands and deliberately showed it to me. “I gave you a visit, so don’t haunt me.”

“Are you serious?” I asked. “Look Al, I need your help. You’re the only one who can see me right now.” I said.

“Why would I believe you?”

“Because I want to know the person who killed me!” I blurted.

She looked at me in disbelief before giving back an argue. “Why would someone kill you?” She asked again.

I sighed. “Look at me. Have you ever heard of my background?” I asked back.

“Why would I have to?”

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