My Possession

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Chapter 7: Almyra

Chapter 7: Almyra

Ignoring the couple beside me, I fill myself up with the food provided in front. Although I thought to myself that I don’t really like vegetables on my dish, but I guess being this hungry keeps me to the point that my taste-bud was awfully feeling that it doesn’t care at all. After all, the doctor said that I’ve been in coma for a week and a half so no wonder I felt starved and weak.

“Honey, are you doing fine?” the woman asked me. She stood up worried as she touched the top of my head again. “You don’t usually leave garlic out of your plate.” She said.

I looked at the garlic and cringe a little. I really don’t like how that one smelt. “I… I’m… my tongue doesn’t like that one, mom…” I reasoned out and soon felt awkward after calling her mom since she’s Almyra’s mother. But I’m inside Almyra’s body so this means I have to endure that part.

“Mom?” the woman asked a bit skeptical there was a hint that I just called on a term Almyra had never said.

Because of that I panicked. Unknown of what to do, I avoided her eyes that was looking at me. “Uh…” I uttered selflessly as I tried looking at something else, interesting enough to talk about, but there was nothing that I could think of that I ended up staring at the garlic on the side of my plate away from my half-finished meal.

“Honey?” she held my cheeks and gently made me face her. There, she was staring again so I moved my eyes elsewhere to avoid the awkward closeness. What the hell Al’s mom! Don’t look at me like some kind of shit. “Am I…” she paused a little that gave me time to gulp then she continues. “Do you think, I’m your mom?” she asked.

Shoot, I’m wrong! Then who is she?

The man stood up to join the skeptic woman. “What’s wrong Ella?” he asked.

“It’s Almyra…” she replied then faced me again. “Do you remember papa’s name?” she asked now seemed haunted with worries loading her back.

The two stared at me for a while. Damn! It’s all the garlic’s fault, if only I ate that one, she wouldn’t have suspected. “Uhhmm…” I stuttered feeling that my nervousness vibrated through my vocals. What should I do? I don’t even know who that guy is? Was that papa she’s talking about the one beside her? Or was it Almyra’s grandpa? Man this really sucks.

“God, no.” The woman started crying again after minutes of my unresponsive stare. Her husband hugged her while the guy gave me a bitter look. Guilt ran through me as I evaded his eyes lying on the bed and hid myself into the blanket covers. Her cry was like my mom’s, making my heart hurt a lot and my head pounding restless and thinking how much Almyra had to suffer just because of me, this is just putting me guiltier the more I think.

“I’m sorry.” I muttered shakily inside the blanket making sure that Almyra’s parents could hear it. “I didn’t mean to put you in agony.” I said using Almyra’s voice added with sincerity.

I heard the woman stopped from crying, her hand touched my shoulder outside the sheet. “No, no. Honey, it’s not your fault. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll remember mama and papa again.” she softly said.

I doubt that.


Hours later, Almyra’s parents left. Her mom went off to attend her job as a middle school teacher and her dad went off to the station to take care of a case. He never said what but now that I realized, his dad was the famous attorney in town. No wonder he was familiar to me.

I was alone in the room, doing nothing but I did my very best just to keep myself busy not to catch up with boredom. And since I’ve been exercising my arms, I think it’s strong enough to give a punch. But my feet would need a lot of work in the process since it hasn’t moved a muscle for days. So for my second attempt to move my feet. I leaped my feet on the cold floor again, shakily standing up feeling that my knees were twitching to fold but I held still, sliding my toes forward carefully and started to walk towards the door in baby steps. However, with my weak feet, I nearly tripped a lot of times but thankfully that there was a table I could hold. For seconds, I took a break before continuing my exercise towards the door. Reaching the knob, I tried to pull the door on but I suddenly lost my footing and fell forward dropping helplessly down on the hospital hallway.

I hissed unsuccessful with my plan while I supported my body with my elbows and moving my knees to bend in order to push my body back up. But it seemed to have gotten tired with all the walks I’ve had forced myself in to.

“Damn.” I whisperingly cursed in the air after minutes of being unable to move on that floor.

“Almyra?” a very familiar voice spoke behind. It made me looked back to the woman whom have said the girl’s name and I was right from who it was… my own mom and beside her was my dad. When she was able to recognized me, her face subbed into worries running towards me. “Are you okay, dear?” she asked, supporting me up that helped me stood up, but I fell back down on the floor because of my weak knees.

“I’ll take it from here.” Dad spoke, carrying me up and taking me back inside my room.

“I’m sorry to bother you, ma’am and sir.” I said awkwardly.

“No, no dear. It’s okay.” Mom smiled softly. “I’m glad you’re awake now. How are you doing?” she asked.

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