Mystery of the Blue Mountain

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4.5 Everyday Miracles

"Sooo, what are you going to show me next?" Sergey and Milita reached VIP Road.

"Next, we're going to Acyutananda's ashram."

"Hari bol, mama!" several motorcyclists dashed by.

Milita looked back and waived to them. "Nrisimha's friends. Devi made a tremendous impression on you, didn's she?" Milita stopped and looked closely into Sergey's eyes. "Don't deny it. You are an open book to me. I am your older sister, you know."

Sergey grinned and hung his head low, "Bigger than tremendous. When I saw her! Her eyes! She is perfection personified. I've never seen such beauty. And I know her for a long time. She is my other half. What am I going to do?"

"Nothing. You can not marry her anyway."

"I can kidnap her!"

"And then what? Where would you live? And on what? You are an egoist. Just think about her! God forbid her reputation gets charred by anything. Her wedding is in two months. They barely managed to find a groom."

Sergey raised his eyebrows in surprise, "Barely?"

"Many were willing. She is beautiful, chaste, and with so many other virtues. And a great dowery. Anyone would be willing to marry someone like her. Can't wish for a mother to have anything better than that for her children. But Vasudeva, her father, didn't raise such a gem to just give her away like that. It took him one and a half years to find a worthy husband."

"Did he succeed?"

"He did. Devi showed me his photo."

Sergey's heart was aching. 

Having felt his pain, Milita said tenderly, "Magic is just beginning to unravel for you. Don't worry! Another one awaits you in the future. Much better and lovelier."

"Is there anyone better?" Sergey shook his head in disbelief. "This is the most wonderful girl I've ever seen in my life."

"You're still such a child. There is no limit to perfection. The one who awaits you is a lot better."

Milita stopped and closed her eyes. "She has green eyes and blueish-black hair. Good Lord! She is magnificent. You will see her pretty soon."

"But how can I forget Devi? In an instant?"

"Are you a male or a gentleman?" Milita spoke angrily. "Duty is above sentiments." And then, more calmly. "In this lifetime you have different qualities. She is a brahmani, and you are a warrior. When sentiments settle, you will discover that you are not meant for each other. Attachment from past lives stirred you. This will pass."

"Who is her future husband?"

"He is also a brahman. From a respected family. A very dignified person. You know, Devi had set a condition that after her wedding she would live only in Puri. Yet, the husband's family is from another town. So, in order not to lose this girl, it was decided to build a house in Puri and for all to move there. Jagannatha tricks His devotees into coming to Him."

"The wedding... Everything has been set. But, still, I can't accept it."

"Breathe deeper. You'll feel better. You lost many loved ones in this life. And in past lives also. We are like straws. Meet and then separate. I beg you. Don't show Devi your feelings. This meeting was unusual for her too. So much worrying, and all that before her wedding."

"Did they check their horoscopes?" Sergey asked with a grievance.

"They did, they did," Milita responded.

"What will the wedding ceremony be like?"

"Strictly according to the Vedas. The rites, the rituals. And then each one goes back to their own home."

"But what about..?"

"The wedding night? For the highest classes, the Vedas prescribe sex only to conceive children. Vasudeva already determined the conception date. In one and a half months after the wedding. That's why Devi will start preparing for the conception right after the wedding."

"Diet, exercise?"

"Both. Sanjey, her future husband, will arrive in a few days. Ramesh will show him the positions in which they will be conceiving a child. He will tell him how to prepare. A particular set of stars will be in the sky then. And for each star, there is a particular position for conceiving."

Sergey's heart ached again. “One more loss!” 

Milita looked at the sun, "Do you know why some devotees of the Lord have unhappy marriages?"


"Because of their foolishness. Jagannatha knows everything. Including who He marries to who and when. Of course, lust is difficult to control. But if one relies on the Lord to find the match, the result is excellent. However, a person is not always willing to wait. 'I want it now, or as soon as possible. I want! I want!' The Lord says through circumstances or people, 'Just wait. You're not ready yet, and your other half isn't ready either. As soon as you both are ready, I will arrange your meeting. And you will have a great family.' — 'But I want it now! Now!' — 'You're not ready yet. Just wait for a little.' — 'I want it now! I want! I want! I want!' — 'Alright, if you want it now, here you go.' And then, either divorce or sufferings. You are not quite ready for family life. And neither is your true love. But you will see her soon."


"In a few months at least. Please, don't feel sore and get a grip of yourself." Milita looked at Sergey.

Elena Orekhova

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