Never apart?

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Chapter- 6

After 3 months:

Finally!! the day I'm awaiting from a long time came... You may ask what it is.. 
Guess what?, our project finally had been finished successfully. And most importantly, I no longer have to deal with devil...Because today is the last day for the project. He really made my life hell in these three months. But I have to say, he is really talented and brilliant. He is from IIT, bombay. Isn't it really prestigious? I really wanted to go Mumbai and visit all places....I will definitely go to tour and visit all places in India and then world.

Back to my thoughts of devil, I always was caught by him while doing naughty things. One day, I was caught eating chocolate, a freaking chocolate in working hours. He looked at me like are you a child... Then I wanted to shout at him that all can eat chocolates and ice cream, not only children. But I don't want to argue with him, so I silently did my work.

I don't know where he will be working after success of project, but one thing is sure, we will be having a new team leader. I started praying god, that the new team leader will be nice unlike "the devil".

If you ask about success of project, yes it is very successful. Today, our company is hosting a party for success as well as celebrating 25 years of it's success.

Yes, our chairman, Mr. Vijay Kumar, started this company 25 years ago. It became successful and it's glory spreaded all over the nation. They opened many branches all over the country. We are working in main branch in this city. Our chairman is really a good person. I just met him very limited times, but he is really encouraging and jovial person. I really wanted to talk to him... 
Today he will be attending the function with his family.

Present, I'm at home and getting ready for the party. I chose a long frock of sky blue colour. It's really simple but elegant. I like it at first sight.


I'm almost ready. Today Sashi is, gonna pick me up after he picked up Sruthi. We went to the company Hall. I have to invite the guests, so I went to the entrance. It's really going to be a long night as so many people from different companies, that too very famous people are invited. So, I should be careful not to do any silly thing that infuriates them.

At 7 O'clock, we heard that our chair person, owner of the company has arrived. I am the one to invite him. So, I waited for him at the entrance. A black audi car came to a halt in front of the building.

  There came our successful chairman from the car with his wife. I heard of him as a cheerful, jovial and nice man. He didn't look like a aged person. His wife is really beautiful and elegant with simplicity. She looked so calmed.

    I really didn't notice a young girl of 20 or 21 years besides sir and madam, may be their daughter. She wore a simple frock but nice and beautiful. She really is a gorgeous girl. I think beauty is inherited in their family, may be.

   I got out of my own reverie or judgement or whatever stance it might be when they started to walk towards the entrance. It's my duty to welcome them. Sruthi and Sashi are assigned to take care of drinks and other stuff.

    When they came near me, I welcomed them with a neatly arranged bouquet.

  " Good evening, sir. I'm very glad to meet you. Welcome to the party. And my hearty congratulations for 25th anniversary of this company and your success. ", I pleasantly smiled at him in a welcoming gesture.

  " Thank you, dear. It's all people like you  to make this company this successful today with their hard work and dedication. ", he replied politely.

I really liked him and now his attitude too.

  " Thank you, sir. I hope you to enjoy the party", I smiled sincerely to him.

  "Thank you , Miss.. ? ", he hesitated fir my name.

  " I am Aakrithi , working as a programmer. I am currently working on the team, 'the elite' ", I finished my introduction. Actually our company has different teams, and one of them is the elite. It is also one of the best teams in this branch and we always have intellectual team leaders. That explains the intelligence of Mr devil....

  Oh not again! I am thinking about him now too. What happened to me? I should forget him and actually enjoy the freedom I'm going to get from today onwards. Yeah, I should enjoy the day not letting anyone to spoil and that too our got success on the project with our hard work.

   " Ohh! You are from "the elite " group., I see. You all did a very good in doing the project with in limited time. And my hearty congratulations on behalf of your success .Keep it up, my child! ", he appreciated us. I feel really happy to get complimented by the famous owner.

  " Thank you, sir", I politely replied and turn towards madam and their daughter.

" I hope you all enjoy and celebrate the success and glory of the company ", I replied with a genuine smile.

  " Thank you dear ", madam, whose name I found to be Aruna, which means sunlight, which suits her very well as she always smiles and glowing. She is really a good humble person. I liked her very much.

   Then they all went into the hall and I invited many business tycoons to the party. It's really  going to be a hectic day.

   After what felt like a long hour, I went inside the Hall. I searched for my two best buddies but I couldn't find them. So, I went to drinks section to grab a drink to relieve from exhaustion.

   I chose mango juice and then my thoughts drifted some place or shall I say a certain person. I don't know why I'm thinking about him now. I even don't know I'm thinking about him more time.

   But I wonder if he is going to be here or  not. He was the team leader, so he is also reason for success which is one of the reasons for this party. Or he will just think of it as a time waste process and ditch it. He may as well do that... We can't underestimate the devil. His ego, arrogance and all qualities that annoys me greatly are capable of doing anything.

Yamini Tankasala

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