Not a "Love" Story

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Chapter Two


"I'm not going," I tell my older sister, Lila, that there is no way am I going to some party. We're at Starbucks right now since we both don't have any classes and I sit down as Lila gives me my coffee.

"Oh come on Taylor. It's not fair. You're such a beautiful girl and you need some guy to pop the deal." My mouth opens and I look around to see if anyone I know is here listening to my stupid sister talk about how I'm still a virgin.

"Can you be any louder? Why the hell do I even have to go to this party anyway?" My sister rolls her eyes and I'm beginning to wonder why I'm not the older one. My sister is a year older then I and my parents were thrilled that I was going to the same college as her. Yup, thrilled.

My sister honestly looks kind of like me but doesn't think like me. I have brown hair yet Lila has a much lighter brown hair colour. 

I have blue eyes, she has brown eyes. We have some differences when it comes to looks, but inside, we're sisters. Sisters by blood, friends not by choice. 

"Taylor, you have to come. I'm going and you can't just stay home and be all alone in the apartment. You need to stop being a loser and come with me!" I bite my lip and think about what I would do at the party. Absolutely nothing. So why do I need to be there again? Ah yes, because my sister wants me to have a "life." 

"Where's the party happening?" My sister smiles and this is when I know this is going to be horrible. I sit back and wait for the name to come out of my sister's mouth.

"At some guy's house," she says with a shrug. 

"You don't know him?!" 

"Of course I do silly! He's a friend." I roll my eyes, wondering what she means by that. 

"Okay..." I'm not going. 

"You're going," she quickly says. 

"Dammit. You heard that?" She nods, sipping her coffee. "So. How do you know this guy again?"

"He's in one of my classes." 

"What class?" I ask. 

"I don't know. Math?" I mentally slap myself. 

"You cannot be serious. You don't know the guy. Nor you don't know what class you have him in?" 


"Do you have a crush on him or something?" Instantly Lila chokes on her coffee, spitting practically everything onto the table. 

"Ew! Lila!" I yell at her, grabbing the napkins and cleaning the mess. 

"Why would you ask me that?! I have a boyfriend Taylor. I'm taken." I roll my eyes, leaning into my chair. 

"So, you're not gonna explode your feelings about him, Lila?" She shakes her head, looking as if she was disgusted by the idea. 

"Nah, he's not really my type. Plus, I already have a boyfriend Taylor." Ha. No kidding. 

"No really? I never knew that..." 

"Shut up." 

"He's so your type though!" I tell her, earning myself a kick in the shin. 

"Ow! That hurts!" 

"Does it look like I care?" 

"If you want the answer. No. You don't," I bite out, rubbing my leg in pain. 

"So, the party?" I roll my eyes, flipping her the bird. 

"I'm not going. Have fun," I say with a wink. 

"You're going."

"Um. No. I'm not," I repeat. Lila scoffs, sipping her coffee. 

"You are not letting me go alone to a party. I can't do this without you!" 

"You always go to parties! Without me! Why does this time have to be different? Get one of your friends to go with you," I tell her.  

"But I want you to come with me!" she pouts, moving closer to me yet I move farther away. 

"And why is that?" I ask, raising my eyebrows. 

"Because I love you?" I scoff. 

"Whatever," I sigh. "I'll go." 

"Did I just hear that correctly? You actually wanna come with me?!" I shrug, crossing my arms. 

"Don't make me repeat it." 

"I'm not. Don't worry," she shakes her head fastly. "I can't believe it though! We're going to a party! Fuck yes!" I wince by her loud voice, but also the choice of her words. 

"Do you have to say that word?"

"What's wrong with it?" 

"I don't know Lila. I don't like it. It sounds... dirty." I watch as Lila laughs by my words, yet I become angry that she's not taking this seriously. I'm fine with the "F" word, I just think that if you're going to use it, at least use it in a better context.

"You sound like an old lady. You know who you sound like?" I shake my head. "Mom." 

"I do not!" 

"Yes, you do! Now stop lying and just hear me out." Taking a second to prepare myself, I motion her to continue. "I have a plan."

"No," I quickly add.

"You haven't heard it yet!" 

Groaning I say, "Fine. Continue."

"Okay, now this is my plan. I get to do your makeup and I get to pick your outfit for the party." 

"One second please." Grabbing my coffee I drink the whole thing in seconds. Treating it as if it was a shot. The more caffeine in my body, the better I am of dealing with Lila. 

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