Not a "Love" Story

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Chapter Seven


"Dude, what about her?" Chris asks me, yet I shake my head. 

"Nah," I slur, "She's taken. Plus, not my type," I say seriously, chugging down the warm beer. 

"Well, then, what about her?" Sighing I look towards where Chris is pointing, staring right at a girl who's staring right back at me. 

"Great. I'm caught," I mutter. "Sorry kid. Not my type." I send a little wave her way, watching as she motions for me to come her way, yet I shake my head.  

"Damn dude, I think she likes you," Chris laughs, patting my back. 

"Yeah well, I don't. You can go get her if you want." Crushing the beer can with my hand I walk to the fridge and grab another one, opening it quickly and practically drinking the whole thing in seconds. 

"Whoa, dude. Slow down." I flip Chris off, wondering why the hell he cares so much about my alcohol consumption.  

"I'm thirsty," I bite out, crushing the beer can and throwing it in the trash. 

"Yeah well, I'm worried. Whatever you're doing here," he motions with his finger, "Isn't smart." I groan, rolling my eyes. 

"I'm having fun. Can't you just give me that?" He sighs. 

"Jack's gonna kill me, man," he mutters under his breath. 

"And I'll protect you if that happens," I smirk. 

"Fine," he says, grabbing another beer can from the fridge and throwing it to me. Luckily I catch it even though everything around me is going a bit dizzy. "That's your last one. Cherish it." I nod to his words, opening the can and taking a sip of beer. 

"Better?" I ask. 

"Whatever," he mumbles. I smile, throwing my arm over his shoulder, bringing him close. 

"Ah, I love you man," I slur him the words, feeling as he tries to push me away, yet when he does that, I almost fall down. 

"Jesus man, you're fucking screwed." I laugh at his words, holding onto him. "But you're damn lucky that I love you too, or else--"

"Or else what?" 

"Or else I'd give you to Jack, rather than babysit you here." 

"Then do it," I chuckle, feeling as he carefully lets go of me, making sure I can stand on my own two feet. 

"Sadly I can't dude. You're my problem now." I look at Chris with confusion, raising my eyebrows at him. 

"What? Why?" He sighs, pointing at something or someone, in the crowd, where everyone is dancing. "What am I looking at?" I ask him. Frustrated he grabs my arm, pulling me to his side. 

"Now look." I roll my eyes, my eyes trailing to where he is pointing at. "Oh shit," I tell myself, yet Chris clearly hears it. 

"Yup. What a lucky ass am I right?" I nod slowly, continuing to stare at Jack, while he's dancing with some, girl. Just some girl. A girl that I don't know. What the hell?!

"You know her?" I ask Chris, yet he only shakes his head. 

"No clue man. I just know what I see. And what I see, is that she's really sexy. Damn, Jack's a lucky man."

"No shit," I say, running my fingers through my hair, pulling on the ends. "What?" I bite out, seeing as Chris stares at me with a smirk. 

"You jealous or something?" I scoff, shaking my head. 

"No." I meant my word. I mean why would I? Jack's... family. Plus, I don't even know the girl that he's dancing with. So... I'm not jealous. Not at all. 

"Yeah, you are," Chris says with a smirk. 

"No. I'm not," I say angrily. 

"Yes you a--"

"I'm gonna punch you, Chris," I say slowly, making him quickly shut up. "Good." I nod, turning my head to look at Jack and that girl, yet funny enough, they're gone. Confused, I look around me, trying to find them yet I cannot. 

"Do you think he took her to his room?" Chris tells me. 

"Uh...." I stutter. 

"Cause that's what I think." 

"Really?" I ask, which he nods. 

"Well yeah. Wouldn't you?" I frown, thinking about his question. "Carter?" I look at Chris, seeing as he has a confused expression on. "You okay?" I nod. 

"I gotta go," I mutter, handing him my beer can and walking away. I know that leaving Chris all alone was shitty, but he'll find someone to talk to. Right now, I need some air. 

"Move," I angrily say, pushing through people who are in my way, desperately trying to just make it to the front door so that I can walk out of my house and take a second to breathe. It's as if my whole body is trying to shut down, and I can't have that. 

"Hey, Carter." A guy says. 

"Not now," I tell him. 

"Hi, Carter." Some girl speaks out. 

"Later," I mutter the word.

"What's up, Carter!" 

"The damn sky," I tell someone.

I soon feel angry and frustrated due to the fact that many people are trying to talk to me and hold some conversation as I walk past them yet as I try to at least be nice to them and show a smile, I instead become an asshole since my kindness is quickly wearing off. 

Amy Sparks

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