Not a "Love" Story

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Chapter Twelve


He's late. That asshole is late and I've been waiting in this library, just for him, looking like an idiot. 

"Damn him," I angrily say as I close my book with a slam, throwing it onto the table as I walk away, entering the hallway that leads to the front. "I can't believe him. I ask him to do one thing, and he doesn't do it!" I throw my hands up, frustrated that he didn't even keep his promise. It was just one little thing! One thing that I asked him to do, yet he didn't. 

"I'll teach him who's the boss. Me, that's who," I mutter to myself, stepping outside in the blazing heat, which takes over my energy in seconds. "Now where the hell is he?" I ask myself, looking around for him, yet he is not to be seen. 

I swear if he left...

No. It can't be. He's not that mean, is he? Nah. 

I shake my head, leaving the bad thoughts away. "Come on Green. Where are you hiding?" As my eyes wander I have noticed some person sitting down on the grass, their back against the tree. "It can't be him right?" I ask myself, yet as soon as I see the smoke from a cigarette, I knew in a second that it was him. 

"Found you." I smile, walking to where he is sitting. The closer I walk to him, the more I notice at how exhausted he looks and at how his mood suddenly changes whenever he has that ghastly thing in his mouth. 

"Ahem," I cough out, crossing my arms and tapping my foot in disappointment. I watch as his head turns right where I am, his eyes widening as he looks right at me. 

"Taylor!" he yells in joy, quickly stands up and shakes the dirt off his pants. I roll my eyes, watching as he throws the cigarette onto the ground, stepping right on it. 

"I see you were having a blast," I bite out sarcastically. "Did you have fun getting cancer?" He scoffs, rubbing his eyes. 

"Damn, you ruin the fun out of everything," he mutters, yet I clearly hear his words very well. 

"I ruin the fun out of everything?!" I shout, taking a step closer to him, yet he takes a step back. "I ruin the fun out everything?" I question him, grinding my teeth in anger. 

"Are you asking me that? Or are you questioning yourself?" he says in confusion. 

"I can't do this," I tell him, forming my hands in a fist. "I don't know what this is or what you're doing," I motion at him, "But it's beginning to get on my nerves." 

"I'm sorry," he says softly, yet I shake my head sternly. 

"Sorry's not gonna be enough," I tell him, turning around to walk away. 

"Fucking hell. Wait, Taylor!" I roll my eyes, flipping him the middle finger and continue to walk. "You can't leave!" I wave him off, yet as I am about to take another step, I feel something hold me back. 


"Oh my gosh, what are you doing!" I shout, seeing as he is laid onto the ground, holding onto my right foot with all his might. "Let. Go." He shakes his head, mouthing a no. 

I growl, trying to move my leg yet I clearly can't. "Carter!" I yell, trying to jump out of his hold, yet it is literally impossible to. 

"Ya know, you're really cute when you're angry," he grins with a wink. 

"I'm gonna barf on your face," I say with honesty, seeing as he looks taken aback with my words. 

"You're mean." I scoff. 

"And I've heard worse." 

"Really?" I nodded, crossing my arms. "Tell me." I bite my tongue, not loving this conversation that we're having. 

"One condition." He turns his head to the side, clearly interested as to what I have to say. "Let go of my leg." He sighs, clearly seeing it coming. 


"Carter," I bite out. 

"Fine," he pouted, slowly letting go of my leg. 

"Finally," I mutter, feeling my leg finally be free from his stupid hold. "You're insane." He shrugs, putting his fingers through his hair. 

"And you're beautiful. Wanna go out?" I laugh, putting a revolting expression on my face. 

"With you?" he nods. "Never in a million years would I go out with you."

"Ouch," he says, putting his hand on his heart. "That hurts babe." I scowl, not loving that nickname. 

"Don't call me that," I angrily say, turning to walk away. 

"Hey wait!" I groan in frustration, not at all knowing as to why this kid is so annoying. And girls like him? 

Poor them. I can't even stand looking at him. Nor talking to him. 

"Where are you going? he asks me. 

"Back inside. Why?" he shrugs, putting his hands in his pockets. 

"Just wanted to know." I stare at him weirdly, raising my eyebrows. "What?" he says with a smile, noticing at how weirdly I'm staring. 

"Nothing," I mumbled, continuing to walk. 

"So, back to our little conversation." Oh boy. "Tell me."

"Tell you what?" I ask with a smile. 

He rolls his eyes. "You know what I mean. You ain't that dumb." I scoff, flipping him off. 

"Why do you want to know so much anyway?" He smirks, laughing under his breath. 

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