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Chapter Seventeen


On a scale of one to ten, how bad is it to feel totally turned on from a girl who's super pissed at you? Yeah, thought so. I'm in deep shit. 

"Taylor," I sigh, watching her walk faster away from me. Now look, I don't chase after girls, they chase after me, even though that sounds extremely foolish and makes me sound like an asshole, but it's the truth. I have never, ever chased after a girl, but somehow, Taylor changes that. 

And now I gotta chase after her. Even though she's really not that far away. In a couple of steps, I manage to reach her, grabbing onto her left arm and pulling her close to me. Vanilla. Fucking vanilla. 

"I'm sorry," I softly say, feeling her try to push at my chest, yet I still hold her close. 

"Let go, Carter," she angrily says. "Now," she sternly says, her tone increases when I still don't let her go. 

"You do realize you're making a little thing turn into something big for no reason," I remind her, yet she continues to ignore my words. "Come on Taylor. I didn't mean it," I whisper, trying not to make her madder. 

"You don't understand Carter," she bites out, giving me a very stern expression. 

"What don't I understand Taylor?" I ask softly, not wanting to increase my voice for nothing. I was never big on yelling at people, only if they get on my nerves though. Taylor's not making me angry, she's just getting me irritated by the way she's acting. I have no idea as to what I did, which makes the situation even worse. 

"You can't tell me what I fear Carter." I widen my eyes, not knowing that the reason Taylor is pissed at me, is because I told her what she feared in life. Or what she might've feared. Hell, I don't know. I'm either right or wrong. 

"So.... this is why you're mad at me?" I question. 

She scoffs, trying to cross her arms yet doesn't since my body is in the way. "No." And that's all she says. 

"So you are mad," I chuckle, yet stop as I see her expression turn irritated. "Okay," I mouth, looking at the ground.

"I want to go home." Did I just hear what I think she said? 

"What?" My voice low and scratchy, which I cough to make it go away. 

"I want to go home now Carter," she softly tells me, turning her head, looking the other direction and not at me. 

"Alright then," I blow out a deep breath, dropping my arms away from her, letting her go. "I'll drive you home," I mutter, grabbing my car keys out of my pocket. 

"No," I hear her say, crossing her arms. "You don't have to drive me." I raise my eyebrows in confusion, crossing my arms as well. 

"Okay..." I think for a second, trying to come up with another idea. "I can leave my car here and we can take the bus if you like," I tell her instead, which to be honest, is quite stupid if I leave my car here but hey, if it makes Taylor feel a bit better, than yeah, I'd do it. 

"That's not what I meant Carter." Alright then, not the bus. 

"We can walk then," I sigh, looking right up at the blue sky. It's very hot, but if she wants to walk in this damn desert, sure. I'll do it. 

"Not we," she mumbled. 

"I'm sorry," I chuckle, clearing seeing this as a complete joke. "You're kidding right?" I ask, which to my surpirse, she nods. "I can't let you walk alone Taylor. That's not happening." Now I sound fucking pissed, but I have the right to be. 


"No," I interrupt her, throwing my keys in the air and catching them. "I got it," I grimace, showing her my keys. "You're pissed at me because I told you what you supposedly feared, and now you won't let me drive you home? How does that even fucking add up?" I bite out, turning my head at the side. 

"I'm sorry," she says softly.

"I know." And then I walk away, holding my keys in the palm of my hand, feeling the stab of the keys against my skin, yet I quickly ignore it. 

"Carter?" I hear her voice behind me, hearing the hint of sadness behind it almost makes me stop in my tracks, yet I continue anyway. 

"What a wonderful date that was," I tell myself, walking to my car. Fucking hell, this is so stupid though! I can't she won't let me drive her home just because she's pissed at me for something so silly. I don't understand it. I clearly don't understand girls as well. Seriously, why do I even bother? I asked her out, wanted her to like me in the end, possibly steal a kiss from her, yet that whole plan fucked up. It fucked me up, in the worst possible ways. 

"Just one look," I mutter to myself, turning my head around to see if Taylor is still at the spot I left her, yet, sadly, she's not. "Fantastic," I grumble, continuing my walk. Forgetting about it all, I still remember that I'm holding my bubble tea, which I scowl at the sight of it. Annoyed, I throw it in the nearest trash can, forgetting it all. 

Stepping away from the trash, I see that I am now close to the parking lot, which is now the time I look for my car. 

"What the...." I take a stand back, about to approach my car, yet stop as I have noticed that my car has something that it did not have before when I left it. A group of girls are standing in front of it, with their phones out as they take pictures of my car, probably pretending they own it. Now, the point here is that it's my car. My. Car. 

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