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Chapter Thirty Six


"You don't have to do this, you know," I tell Carter, not even wanting to knock on my parent's door.

"You tell me this now? We're already here!"

"I knew this was a bad idea," I mutter, raising my fist to knock on the door, yet my hand doesn't move. Carter scoffs, raising his own hand he knocks on the door. Looking at him with widened eyes, he shrugs, smirking at me in delight.

"You weren't going to do it, so I did it. Saved you the trouble." I scoff, fixing my dress and hair.

"I hate you," I mumble under my breath. He laughs, putting his arm over me.

"No, you don't." I'm about to say something back to him, yet the door opens.

"Mom! Dad!" I say with a nervous smile. I feel Carter's arm tighten around my waist, making me glad he's here after all.

"Oh darling, you're finally here!" My mom says excitedly, rushing to give me a hug. Wrapping her arms around me tightly, I'm now having a hard time to breathe by her hug.

"Mom. I can't breathe."

"Oops," she says, letting me go. With a smile she turns to look at Carter, her eyes widen as she stares at him.

"Mom, this is Carter. My boyfriend," I mumble the last words quietly, trying to not make this situation weird.

"What?! Really?!"

"Mother you're yelling." My mother rolls her eyes, opening the door wider, showing my father right behind her. "Hey, dad..." Now look, I'm basically my father's little girl. My mom mostly talks and hangs out with Lila more than I do because they have more in common, yet my dad and I understand each other more.

So this is going to be extremely hard to tell an ex-veteran that I'm dating someone.

And that I lost my virginity to him as well.

Hm, yeah maybe I'll just forget telling him the last part.

"Taylor. Who's the guy?" he points at Carter, my heart basically drops as I see Carter's scared face showing.

"Dad, this is Carter. My boyfriend." My father looks directly at me, crossing his arms in anger. Yup. Anger.

"Boyfriend?" Nodding I grab Carter's hand, lifting it up to show my dad that I'm actually dating him. My dad scoffs, while my mother rolls her eyes at him. So that's where I got the rolling eyes part.

"Be quiet Arthur. Come in guys and please ignore the old grump." My mom says, letting us walk in the house.

"What a beautiful house Mrs. Smith. I see you have wonderful fashion." I scoff at Carter's words, remembering what Shawn would say when he would come over as well just to see Lila. They're literally both ass kissers.

"If you don't mind Taylor, I'd like to speak to Carter about something," my dad says, motioning Carter to follow him through the living room.

"I'm gonna die aren't I?" Laughing I shrug, pushing his back into the living room.

"Dad. Be nice." My father, of course, scoffs, pouring himself a glass of scotch.

"I'm only going to be asking him a few questions buttercup. That's all," cringing at his nickname that he has for me I nod, leaving the two of them alone.

"Mom? Where are you?" Hearing my mother's voice in the kitchen doesn't even surprise me.

"What are you doing?" Watching my mother pacing around the kitchen as some crazy human being wonders me on how she hasn't changed throughout the years. I still feel like I'm a little kid again just by watching this.

"Just looking for some nice silverware and plates darling. Why?" Sighing I lean against the wall.

"You don't have to do that mom. It's just me and Carter. Not the president and his wife." My mother scoffs at me, grabbing gold plates from the cupboards.

"Hush. You're my daughter who brought home her very first boyfriend! I already went through this with Lila, and now it's your turn." My mind goes back to the first day Lila brought home Shawn, which was not the best day for my father and Shawn. 

My dad literally despises Shawn. I think he still does, yet Lila doesn't really care what my father says or thinks about him. My mother, on the other hand, adores Shawn, which of course I can see why. Till this day my sister and Shawn are still going strong, which is shocking, to be honest.

"Great mom," I mutter. Helping my mom with the plates I decide to change the conversation. "So how are you and dad? I see dad's the same grump the past twenty years..." My mother chuckles at my words as she sets the table.

"Oh you know, it's the same. A bit lonely without you and Lila, but the same. Sadly both my daughters left the nest so it is only me and your father in this big old house."

"Mom, don't say that. Lila and I only left so that we could be close to the campus. If we both stayed here it would be a four-hour drive every day. And that would be horrible."

"But you both would get warm cooked meals and your laundry washed!" I laugh, wondering if my mother thinks Lila and I are that useless.

"Lila does cook mom." She scoffs, placing the food she cooked on the table.

"Well, I cook better."

"I know," I say with a smile.

"You know, he looks like a nice guy. Do you think he's the one?" I choke literally on air.

"What do you mean the one?"

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