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Chapter Forty Seven


"Aw! You look so cute!" Alice says, taking a picture of me as I make a pose in front of my suitcases. Alice and Victor drove me to the airport because Victor didn't trust me with his car, and they wanted to say goodbye.

"Okay, that's enough pictures. I'm not leaving forever Alice," I tell her.

"Sadly," Victor mutters.


"I mean I love you!" I laugh at Victor, knowing I will miss his stupid and childish ways, and also Alice yelling at Victor for his stupid and childish ways.

"Crap, I gotta go," I say, checking my watch.

"Aw really?" Alice says with a sad smile. I nod, giving her a tight hug.

"Au revoir mon ami. Je te verrai dans un mois," I whisper to her.

"Au revoir. And have fun alright?" I break the hug, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"I will don't worry. I'll also call you or text you when I arrive okay?"


"Now, are you gonna give me a hug or not Victor?" I ask him, opening my arms as I wait for a hug.

"I guess," he mutters. Smiling he gives me a hug, kissing my cheek as well.

"Don't kill Alice alright?" I tell him. He laughs, hugging me even more tightly now.

"I won't. I'll miss you, Taylor," he whispers in my ear.

"And I as well." Breaking the hug I rub my eyes, feeling a bit of wetness in them. "Okay, well I gotta go. Don't burn the store and don't kill each other," I say in a smile.

"I'm not promising that," Victor says.

"Shut up," Alice mutters at him, elbowing his stomach.

"Guys! Guess what?!"

"What?" They both say.

"Avoir!" I tell them with a wave.

"Avoir Taylor!" They both say as I walk away. Laughing I hand my ticket to the ticket agent.

"Florida?" I nod at the women. "Have a safe trip madame," she says with a smile. Smiling back I take my passport from her, walking inside to board the airplane. Turning around I smile as I see Victor and Alice wave once more. Waving back at them I say goodbye one last time.

"Bye!" I hear them both yell. Laughing I turn around, walking farther away from them. Boarding the airplane sucks because first, you have to find your seat, second, you have to make sure the person you're sitting next to isn't annoying and third, just hope the plane doesn't crash. 

Finding my seat I sit down, placing my bag in the overhead bin. Thankful that it fits I sit in my seat, pulling out my headphones and a book. I sit in the window seat, looking out at the beautiful view of France.

"Damn you, Lila," I mutter under my breath, not loving that I now have to leave Paris and to stay in Florida for a month. It wasn't even a big problem though since I was the boss of the store, and I did trust Alice and Victor with the store, yet somehow leaving Paris is just like leaving home. I lived in Paris for five years and just leaving to go to Florida is making my stomach churn. Knowing the plane will take off soon I put on my headphones on, seatbelt and I open my book.

"Dammit," I say, forgetting to get my bookmark. Searching through my bag I look for a bookmark, yet my hand touches something else. "What the?.." Grabbing it I take it out of my bag, my hand holding a ring. My ring. My heart drops as I stare at it, the diamond sparkles by the light from the window. 

Not even thinking I place the ring on my finger, placing it where it used to be. Looking at the ring, the memories come back of Carter and me, the day when I had enough and finally took of the ring. Somehow, that day was the first day I arrived in Paris. I remember I woke up from my nap and Victor wanted to show me around the store. 

Out of a sudden, he asked me about the ring on my finger. I didn't know how to answer Victor's question and so I just lied and said that Lila bought it for me. He took it as if it was the truth, yet deep down, my heart broke. I couldn't take any more questions about the ring, so I took it off and I guess I placed it in this bag. Did it have to be this bag though?!

"Merde," I mutter under my breath, trying extremely hard to take the ring off. "Why is it not coming off?!"

"Probably because the ring just loves your finger." Full in shock I turn around, finding a guy probably my age.

"Um, hi?" He laughs, sitting on the seat beside me. Darn it.

"I'm Mike," he says, sticking out his hand for me to shake.

"I'm Taylor," I say, shaking his hand.

"So, what's the reason you're going to Florida?" Mike asks me. Sighing, I guess I have to make conversation with the guy since he asked me a question. I can't possibly ignore him, right?

"Oh, my sister's getting married," I say with a smile. "You?"

"My mother's in the hospital," he says with a sad smile.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have asked."

"Don't be. She's doing well, it's just she really wants to see me so I just had to pay the visit. But enough about me, did the ring come off yet?"


"The ring. On your finger." He points at the ring.

"Oh yeah. Um, not really," I say, sighing as to why I just had to put it on.

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