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Chapter Forty Eight


"Have a good time at the wedding, Taylor!" Mike says, waving goodbye at me.

"Thank you! I hope your mother gets well soon!" I tell him.

"Thanks!" Waving goodbye at him I walk away with a smile, not because I like him or anything, he was just a nice guy. That's all. Grabbing my bags I walk down the airport station, rubbing my eyes in exhaustion since I did not sleep at all in the plane. 

The nine-hour flight literally drove me bonkers. I wasted my time reading, eating, watching movies, listening to music, talk to Mike, anything that could pass the time. Moral of this story is that being on an airplane for nine freakin hours sucks.

I got off twenty minutes ago and the first thing I did was call Alice and Victor, telling them that I arrived safely. Next came the big part. Calling Lila. Thankfully it's only her picking me up and not my parents. If it were my parents... I'd book a plane ticket back home to Paris in seconds.

Stepping on the escalator I stare at the crowd of people, my eyes searching for Lila.

"Taylor!" Hearing Lila's voice as I step off the escalator scares me, knowing that she's close. In seconds I'm being pulled in a tight hug, my lungs being crushed by Lila.

"You're crushing me Godzilla!" I yell in laughter, finding it extremely funny that now she's a bride, I get to call her by that name.

"Oops!" she breaks the hug, letting me breathe as I take in the oxygen for my lungs.

"Jeez, you nearly killed me from that hug, Lila. Did you honestly miss me that much?" She scoffs, rolling her eyes at me.

"Duh! Of course, I did! I haven't seen you in five years, Taylor! Do you know how long five years is?" I shake my head. "Too damn long!" I laugh at her answer.

"I know, I know, and I'm sorry! You know I've been working my ass off these five years and it's literally been non-stop."

"Wow, you are such a workaholic. You now remind me of someone," she tells me.

"What? Who?"

"Mom." I make a disgusting face just by hearing that I remind Lila of our own mother. I don't know whether its a compliment or not.

"You're making me sick."

"I know," she says in laughter. Rolling my eyes I hand her my bags.

"How is she though?" Lila shrugs, taking my suitcase we walk out of the airport station.

"The same honestly. The wedding though is making her a bit cuckoo. She literally planned my entire wedding Taylor. My. Entire. Wedding!"

"Yeesh, really?" Lila nods as we walk to her car.

"It sucks! I mean I love her, but clearly, it's too much! And the funniest part is that it's not even her wedding! She already got married! Why is she doing this to me???"

"Don't ask me, ask her. Plus, how are you that shocked that she's planning your wedding? I mean mom talked about it when we were little kids on how much she wanted to plan our wedding," I tell her as she unlocks the car, putting the bags in the trunk.

"I know, but I didn't know it would go that far! This woman is clearly ballistic!"

"And Shawn?" I ask her as we step inside the car.

"He's doing alright I guess. He doesn't have any cold feet and he loves being part of planning for the wedding."

"That's good. At least we won't suspect him to leave you alone at the altar on the day of your wedding. Because that would be awful."

"Don't say that! Or else you're gonna jinx it!" I shrug, looking out my window as she drives.

"Sorry, sorry," I tell her.

"So, how's Paris? Is it better than Florida?" Lila asks me.

"Extremely better. I love speaking French and the food there is to die for Lila. Like there are no words to describe it."

"Seriously?" I nod. "Wow. And I thought you've been dying to come home and see everyone."

"It's not that. I mean I'm glad to be back home and to stay here for a month, but I don't know. Just thinking of leaving the store for a month is scaring me. Plus, being here just brings back memories that I thought I locked in a box and threw away."

"Memories such as?..." I shrug, looking out the window.

"Just memories," I tell her. She nods without saying anything back. Looking out my window I notice that we're not going the same way our apartment building would be.

"Hey, Lila?" I ask her.


"Where are we going?..." I stare closely at her face, seeing a hint of fear in her eyes. "Lila?"

"Um, well..."

"Dude, just tell me! I won't yell or anything. I'm just asking." She sighs, turning the car right.

"Shawn and I bought a house two years ago. I didn't want to tell you anything because I thought you would think that I'm forgetting you."

"What? Why would you think that I would think such a thing? You're my sister! I'm your sister! Lila, you call me every day asking me how I am. How would I think you're forgetting me if you know my phone number and call me?"

"Well, I don't know! I just got scared. I didn't know how you would think or react to it."

"How would you know that if you never asked Lila?" She sighs, stopping the car at a red light.

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