Not Your Average love story

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Love isn't everything. It took twenty years of my life to learn this truth.

Sad enough.

Sometimes you have to struggle through what you thought was love in order to realize that it really wasn't.

Sometimes you just have to stay in wrong relationships because you think it’s better to have a bad relationship than to be lonely.

Growing up, they made me believe that love was the most important aspect of life.
I thought that life could only have meaning if it was filled with love but no, love isn't everything.

I wish someone had told me earlier how wrong they were.

In some days, when I think about how my love life have been I ask myself if Aphrodite, the goddess of love, hasn't seen my plight but I was lucky enough to get an encounter with love one more time.

It seemed Aphrodite had seen me at last. 

As you already know, this isn't your average love story.


P.S Savannah



Boakye D. Alpha

Edited: 07.10.2019

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