Not Your Average love story

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[In Jeff's Point of view]



I had a feeling the day was going to be perfect when I woke up. The morning seemed so perfect. The early Sunlight filled the sky, spreading its glow across the sky in the tinted clouds announcing the new day.

The pure scattered light; its hue ambitiously perforated through my windows to my room. I took a deep breath, paused it in my lungs and wished time would halt.

And though time continued, the realization that followed stilled my soul. It was the day I was going to meet up with Sav.

I had waited for the morning after I last chatted with Sav the previous night. 
I was finally going to meet up with her again after so long and what was more was that she was going to tell me about what's keeping us apart. I was anxious to know what that was but more importantly, I couldn't wait to get back with her even as friends as we were before.

My face needed as I thought about it then when the aroma of mom's Pancakes stole its way to my room, I knew the day was complete. 

Pancakes for breakfast was like our family tradition. Pancakes were eaten almost everywhere in the world but mom's pancakes were the best.

Instead of having them with maple syrup or butter as was so common in the western world, she prepared it 'the African way.'

She'd add onions, pepper, spice and sometimes sausages and cheese. These gave it the piquancy that proved that most foods do not have to rely on sugar to be sweet. Mom's pancakes were worth dying for.

I washed down quickly to join my parents for breakfast. After I was done, I walked into the dining room, greeted and sat down but the response to my greeting wasn't that welcoming especially from my father who had not spoken to me since I came back home two days ago.

It was so typical of him when he was very angry about something. He'd rather not talk to you for days.  That was the least you could get instead of him beating you to death or worse, disowning you. 

Trust me I preferred the not-talking-to-you punishment to be disowned or being beaten to death.

The moment I slide into my chair I served myself an enormous platter of pancake. There was a jar of orange juice sitting on the table in case anyone needed it and I really needed some. I poured out some into a glass and dug right into my pancakes ignoring the stiff atmosphere around the table.

We sat knee-deep in silence. There was no sound in the house except that of cutlery clinging to the plates. Everyone was moving, eating but not talking.

Mom would, at some point, look at my face then take her eyes off again. Dad was busy doing what he knows how to do best; reading the newspaper and eating.
He does this every morning so he could finish in time and leave for work.

The atmosphere was so brittle it could snap, and I was feeling uncomfortable.

What happened to our happy family breakfast moments? I wondered.

I knew they were angry with me for getting myself arrested again but I thought the anger was going to fade off within a day or two.

This was the longest they've been angry with since the world came into existence.

"Errmm Mom, I'd have to leave for school after breakfast." I broke the silence hoping I wouldn't get ignored.

She dropped her fork and took a very deep look at me. It nearly tore my soul apart. My father still remained silent. He just flipped through his newspaper.

"You will what?" she paused.

"I will leave for ___"

"__don't repeat it I heard what you said clearly. You can't leave the house." her expression hardened.

"Why not?" I questioned.

"Have you by any chance looked at your face in the mirror this morning? Where do you intend to send that bruises on your face to? Besides, you have been suspended for the assault in school. You can't go back to school son."

"what?!__" I nearly choked on my food. "But__"

"__ no buts young man. You brought this on yourself. We talked to you about being clean in this school but what did you do? You went back to your old life after three months of being clean. How hard could it be for you to stay out of trouble for a whole four years?" She bawled out.

"I am sorry about that but I have to be in school today for something very important. I can't miss it. I promise to go back here immediately I'm done." I went poker-faced.

"Well, it looks like you're missing it because you can't get out of the house until your suspension is over which will be in two weeks time when your end of semester exams begin. That's final," she added, sighed and returned to her food.

I turned to my father hoping he could help out the situation.

"Dad? Please?" as expected, he didn't utter a word.

I pulled back my chair and left for my room.

At that moment, I wanted to shout, have a tantrum and destroy things. I wanted pound fist into everything I see just to show how I was feeling. I wanted to let it out, but I didn't want to do things I would regret later.

It was just so easy to do things in a moment when you feel the world is against you but when you're calmed and then the damage had already been done, that's when you regret everything.

I sat on my bed, took a deep breath and thought everything through. I came to the conclusion that if I couldn't leave the house, I would have to call Sav and explain everything to her.

I took my phone and dialled her number.

"Hello?" her warm Saccharine voice echoed through the phone. My heart skipped a beat upon hearing her voice.

"Hello, Sav..its Jeff," I replied afraid of what I was going to say.

"Funny. of course I know who you are." I could literally feel her smile on the other side of the phone.   "Have you arrived?" she added.

"Ermm about that... I ... I am very sorry but I can't make it today."

"Oh great so now you've reconsidered your decision right?" she replied with a nonchalant voice.

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