Not Your Average love story

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The episode below contains a vivid description of images that may be disturbing to some readers. 
Readers' discretion advised.


[In Sav's Point of view]



Everything happened so fast. The fun, the movies, the jokes, the laughing and the playing around.

Everything was under control until I kissed him. I don't know why but I did it. I pulled away the second I realized what I was doing. He sat there and looked right into my eyes without saying a word.

I felt maybe what I did was wrong and so I tried apologizing.

"I'm so sorry. I__" He pulled me back into his grip before I could complete my sentence. Then our lips met.

A shy look overtook my face. We both knew it was coming but there was nothing we could do about it.

We sat close to each other for minutes just staring at each other's face.

That was the moment I saw how handsome he was. He carried an imperious nose and an angular cheekbone that was carved down towards a flinty jaw. He had no moustache, stubble or beard. It was just a smooth dark skin that could be seen when you look upon his face.

His brown eyes a-flicker with passion as he starred back.

Unexpectedly, his hand moved to my hip. It settled there for a while then he wrapped his arms around my back and in one gentle pull our skin touched.

The feeling of his body pressed against mine sent chills down my spine. It felt very unique and refreshing like the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean had been pulled to the room all of a sudden.

It was then Plato's words became clearer to me.

'Every heart sings a song, incomplete until another heart whispers back. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.'

At that point, I could write a whole poetry book. Nothing mattered most than to be his.

I inhaled sharply as I took off his shirt. He repeated the act and took off my sweater but I pulled away and covered myself with my hands.

"Don't feel shy cherry. You know I don't care about your burnt scars right." He said in an undertone as he went right behind me.

He pulled me against his warm chest from the back.

"I have fallen for your perfect imperfections remember?" he whispered right into my ears.

He began nuzzling my neck with delicate kisses. It was more assuring than ever. I let go of my hand showing off the scars all around my body.

He took off my bra then my jeans. He took a glance at my prosthetic leg as he pulled the jeans down.  I didn't feel ashamed anymore.

With a smile, he lifted me right off my feet, carrying me toward the bed, he let me fall with a soft bounce on the mattress.

He took off his trousers in haste then climbed up the bed. His breathing quickened as did mine. Our breaths mingled.  Then his arms encircled me.

Our bodies fit together as if we were made just for this, to fall into one another, to feel this natural rhythm.

We locked eyes for just a moment, just enough for us to feel safe with one another.

Then he went back to business. He started kissing me from my bosom slowly downward, his hands settled on my legs then the kisses continued.

I felt my body weakened knowing where his fingers would soon reach. I pushed my head back against the pillow as the first moan escaped my lips.

[In Jeff's Point of view]

At that moment I could see she loved me right through her eyes. our souls mingled in the quiet moments between action and stillness.

I didn't know how I did it but I took delight in kissing around her scars.

I kissed up higher again and settled on her. I tucked my hand behind her back and pushed it in slowly and gently. She let out another moan. This time of pain.

"Oh my God are you a....?" I asked amazed.

"Yes I am," she replied her eyes still locked on mine but with shyness written all over her face.

I pushed it in again this time slower.  The side of my thighs pressed against hers. I looked at her then she nodded granting me access to continue. I pushed up and down against her warm body.  We both moaned softly in pleasure as I dived right into her.

At that point, my senses heightened, it was like there was this gigantic magnetic field between us.  It felt so good.

I came out after a few minutes. We both laid there panting heavily in exhaustion. I took her hand and wrapped mine around her. We laid there in quiet just enjoying the dead silence at the moment.


"Good Morning Cherry," I said in an undertone as her eyes opened slowly.

"How are you doing my love?" I added with happiness written all over my face.

"Good morning charming," she replied with a smile as golden as the morning sun that shone right through the room.

"How was your sleep?" I asked as I helped her sit up.

"I had a wonderful sleep. It feels like I haven't slept like this for decades," she explained pushing her back against the wall.

"That's amazing you know?" I kissed her on the forehead and tucked her messy dark black her behind her ears.

"So what are your plans for today? I mean after the exam.?" she asked.

"Planning the end of semester party of course," I said but realized she had no idea of what I was talking about when I looked at her face.  "Come on Sav... Are you in this school at all?" I teased.

"Well it's not my fault nobody tells me anything." she defended herself knowing I was going to tease her all day if she didn't shut me up.

"It's alright. There's a party next week at Club Ecstasy for ending the semester successfully and also ahead of our big game the day after."

"Ahead of next week's game? How can you guys party for a match you haven't played yet? " she chuckled in amazement.

"Well you know we are the best basketball team in the region so definitely we are winning. That's the team spirit. Anyways will you come with me to the party?"

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