Not Your Average love story

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[In sav's point of view]



“Why are parties considered almost an obligatory activity for youth these days to have a good time? These people must know what truly makes a good time and parties are not included. There are loads of things one can do to enjoy themselves and jumping around, dancing their hearts out and socializing with inevitable alcohol does not have to be one of them.”

I projected as we made our way through the huge number of people outside the club.

“Can you quit whining like an old lady and hurry up before all the fun goes away?” Adobi slammed.

I rolled my eyes and joined the long line. 

Seeing that great number of people gathered in front of the club was something I couldn't wrap my head around.

It was so tight outside that it was almost impossible to see what was going on the inside, only the music that drifted over our heads gave anything away.

Everyone in the long queue was so excited to get inside. Some people danced around outside like little toy robots, to the beat of the fast music just to wait their turn to get in. As the line continues to grow outside, I would once in a while stretch my neck to catch a glimpse of the excitement through doors that everyone was waiting to walk through but I wouldn't see anything.

Once in every minute, Adobi would turn around to see if I hadn't taken off already. She knew I didn't want to be there.

Two more people inside and we were in the ‘magical world’ of disco lights, laser beams, the irreplaceable glow of black lights shining on people and obviously loud music.

I simply didn’t like partying or clubbing and everything I saw when we entered didn’t help the situation either.

The noise level was unbearable as the lives and souls of the party get going.

The loud atmosphere where I couldn’t hear anything but the music and a few random snippets of shouted conversation decreased my personal comfort level and increased my anxiety.

I must have been crazy to accept to come. The next time, I would be at my hostel packing for my vacation. The school was over anyways.

Everyone was laughing and having such a good time. They didn't seem to even realize they were packed in the club like sardines.

I looked up at a raised dais and there he was, the man of the moment. The man to whom all these constant shoutings would be credited to, the DJ.

He moved in ways I had never seen done before as he Mixed the loud music on the turntables to the beat.

I watched the half-naked bodies of young men and women dancing around as if something had possessed their bodies.

Some of the guys with a little decency were wearing undershirts whiles the others wore no shirt at all.

They would eye the girls who walked around in tank tops and tight dance pants or skirts then make a face they only understood what it meant.

"Perverts!" I hissed.

Seeing them made me worried a bit. I couldn’t help it but think of what Jeff could be doing at that moment in a place like that.

Reality dawned on me. 

As we made our way through the dancing sweaty bodies, I felt eyes on me. I knew I was always a little out of place at places like these, but I didn’t realize it was that bad.

Everyone looked at me strangely. It was as if they wanted to yell at me “hey you don’t belong here!” but guess what? It was a free world.

They would steal a glance at me then go back to their business.

“Hey Sav check this out!” Adobi squalled drawing my attention.

“what is it?”

“Check this guy out” she gestured looking at a particular place.

“Which one?”

“ The one with Smiles … sweet as the flow’rs in bloom of spring array’d." She joked. 

I couldn't help it but laugh to the Thomas Chatterton reference she made.

“God I love that guy." She added.

“Can you focus on why we are here Adobi?”

“Why are we here again? If not to party?” she huffed.

“If you have forgotten, we are here to find Jeff so let's focus on that.  Let's take separate ways so we can cover more grounds.” I suggested.

Funny how that sounded like a search party trying to search through a whole forest for a missing person except this forest was of human.

When Adobi and I separated, I walked straight onto the dance floor hoping to see Jeff as soon as possible.

The heat in the place became too much for me to stand. It increased my anxiety. It was as if all of a sudden, I was in the burning car once again - the one I got trapped in when I was a child. 

I couldn't breathe well. I was breathing but the air just couldn't go in, it was like my lungs were sealed. I felt dizzy all of a sudden. I didn't know where

"Watch where you are going!" someone shouted at me.

I couldn't do anything but kept moving hoping I could get out of the club before I blackout.

I didn’t know where I was wandering off to but I found myself in a much darker room but it was OK for me.

I leaned against the wall, gathered all the air I could around me, took them in and let it out.

I repeated the sequence until I was feeling better.

Well, that was what I thought until I saw a figure approach.


This is to officially announce that I have entered this book into the #ilovemyflaws campaign run by AgathaRoza on the ilovemyflaws account.

Considering how Sav embraced her flaws which is her burnt skin scars and prosthetic leg after she met Jeff, I thought this book was a good fit for this campaign.

No matter what you may consider as your flaw, you should embrace it as a part of you and say #ilovemyflaws



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