Not Your Average love story

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[In Jeff's point of view ]



She glanced down at the paperwork, her eyes unsure.

She looked at me, wanting to make sure she was doing the right thing. "Are you sure that place is good for him?"

"Yes." I nodded. "You can bet on it. I have personally gone to check the home, and I'm sure there's no better place we could send him to right now."

Her gentle eyes were filled with concern. "I've been over the contract and though we fervently desire that the adoption goes through, do you really think your clients could be the best parents for the boy?."

"Yes. That's what my firm does. Personally, I wouldn't represent a client who wouldn't be a good parent after adoption. We have some ethics we go by. You don't have to worry."

I took out another file from my bag and placed it on the table.

"This is all the information we have on them. You can have a look at that too, just to be certain." I added.

"Alright. I only met you today but I think I can trust you. Where should I sign?"

"Over there." I said as I pointed on the dotted line on the paper, "and over here too." I added.

She nodded and picked up the pen on the shelf beside her.  She looked at the paper once more and went ahead to sign.

Then someone knocked.
The knock came quietly at first and then there was silence.

"It looks like someone knocked," I said.

"Really?" she asked, placed down the pen and headed towards the door.

She opened the door and peeped through.

"Oh child, it's you." she said somewhat relieved, "What's wrong? You look worried. Is everything okay?"

"It's nothing much Mother superior," the woman behind the door said, "It's just that Addo fell and hurt himself." 

"Oh, God. Is he OK?"

"Yes... He will be OK. I just need to get the first aid kit."

"Alright, child come in for it." Mother Superior beckoned letting the woman behind the door in.

"It's in the drawer over there," she added and walked over to where I sat.

"I'm sorry Mr Attah. Where were we?"

"You were going to sign this." I pointed at the dotted lines in front of her then my attention was brought the loud sound that came from where the old cabinet sat - where the woman was. She had dropped the kit she was fetching.

I turned to look at what had happened and I was met with the most horrific scene ever.

Everything felt like a dream, and it all fell in a mere second.

I sat at the table. White as chalk. My eyes and mouth were frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise, and although she was staring straight at me too, it looked like I was the only one shocked.

"Sav?" I asked as my brain desperately scrambled to make sense of it all.

For minutes, that was the only word I could say. I was rendered speechless and temporarily incapacitated.

"Is that really you?" I forced them out.

"Jeff... " she paused.

Her fingers shaking rhythmically, as if in spasm...And then her legs gently folded. She subsided slowly on the chair behind her.

"Yes... Yes... It is." she said as her forehead creased.

"Do you two know each other?" Mother Superior asked, looking back and forth at the two of us.

"Yes. Jeff is the guy I told you about."

"Oh, erm." Mother Superior picked up the first aid kit. "I think I will go and have a look at Addo's bruises."

"Jeff... I-"

"You don't really have to explain anything to me you know that!" I grumbled.

Anger boiled deep in me, as hot as lava. It churned within, hungry for destruction, and I didn't want to keep it in me.




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