Not Your Average love story

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CHAPTER 30 [Final Chapter]



[In Candy's point of view] 

Finally the day I was dreading was there and I couldn't halt the dawn ebbing its gradual way into daylight. Everything was going to happen at noon, and once done it could never be undone.

It was my wedding day. And every woman was expected to get extremely excited, ecstatic, and incredibly in love on their wedding day.

Yes, I was excited and in love and happy and all that good stuff but I was anxious and nervous.

I did love Jeff and I was willing to go through it for him.

Since childhood, I had always wanted my wedding day to be one of the most magical and memorable days of my life and one of the most important parts I was looking forward to was where I would say, "I Do."

I had always imagined getting married surrounded by flowers, so Jeff and I decided to have the wedding at a local botanical garden. The garden had lots of beautiful flowers and perfectly manicured flower beds. It had high glass ceilings and tons of natural greenery. The good thing was we didn't send in many decorations.



All eyes would soon be on me.


I thought as I stepped out of the carriage ride I arrived at the wedding in. Seeing the number of people gathered, my breathing became rapid and shallow. I could feel my pulse pounding in my temples.

The priest- Father Thomas stood up and asked everyone to stand.

It was time to walk the aisle.

When I was given the signal to enter, I wished I could get to my chair faster, because I was shaking so bad that I thought I would trip in front of all those people.

"Candy, you need to breathe... Can you do that?" one of my bridesmaids said.

I replied with a nod and a faint smile.

"Just take a deep breath, keep your head up, smile and you can do this," she added.

The orchestra started playing the famous tune of a thousand years - a cue I had to go in.


🎶 Heartbeats fast

Colours and promises


How to be brave?


How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?


But watching you stand alone,


All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow. 🎶 

The flower girl lined the path with white rose petals. Beside her was Addo, the ring bearer for the wedding. He carried the wedding rings on a large white satin pillow. The rings were tacked with a thread to the pillow to prevent any accidental loss.

I hummed along silently to the song as walked through the guests.

🎶 One step closer 🎶 

I took a few steps forward then I was met by my father. He escorted me down the aisle, which magically became longer than I had seen it be.

My father became my strength; without him, I would have fainted before I could reach Jeff.

The guests kept their attention on me, taking pictures of my dress, waving at me and smiling.

Up ahead I saw him, my husband to be. The man who had made everything possible. The love of my life, my everything.

He stood taller, his shoulders back and his eyes on me. If I wasn't mistaken I could have sworn tears filled his eyes.

🎶 I have died every day waiting for you


Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you


For a thousand years,


I'll love you for a thousand more 🎶


(the orchestra kept on playing the song at the background)


At the end of the aisle, my father hugged me and whispered into my ear,

"I 'm proud of you dear." and then placed my hand in Jeff's and smiled.

Before he walked away, he patted Jeff on the shoulder and they both smiled at each other.

Was it really happening? Was I really going to be Mrs Attah?

Standing beside Jeff, I felt everything was a dream. But one thing was for sure if it were a dream, I wouldn't mind living it all my life.



🎶 Time stands still


Beauty in all she is


I will be brave


I will not let anything take away


What's standing in front of me


Every breath


Every hour has come to this 🎶 


After we were asked to sit down, the song played for a while until the priest mounted the floral raised Dias and gave a signal for the orchestra to pause.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness Jeff and Candy join together in holy matrimony.


The rest of the long speech became faint as I focused my attention on the guests seated in front of us.

I was overwhelmed with joy seeing the love they had shown us.

"__Now, I will call on the bride and groom to come forward for the vows." Was the next thing I heard.

The vows were exchanged then the ring bearer came forward and presented the rings. I placed Jeff's ring on first, then he placed on mine.

The priest nodded in excitement after the vows and asked,

"If anyone objects to the marriage speak now or forever hold your peace"

I was nervous when he said that but as expected, no one said a word... Then he continued.

"With the power vested in me, I now___"



[Sav's Point of view ]


"Are you sure you want to be here?" Adobi asked from beside me.

"Definitely. I gave Jeff and Candy my word that I would come and I have stick to my promise." I explained.

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