Novelty of Noah

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A week and a half had passed since Adelia's first day as an assistant for the children and employees of Hemlocks Yard. Within that small amount of time, Adelia encountered two prime decisions. Those involved with what had led to the two decisions unconsciously relied on Adelia. 

The first decision being whether Adelia should report Noah's stash of drugs to Mauve. And the second decision being if it was best to report Jess' involvement with drugs also. Not only having purchased them but also supplying them to Noah.

Unlike the first decision Adelia had to make, it took her ten times as long to come to a final agreement with herself. The agreement being whether she should report Jess to Mauve.

After another repeat of a restless night, full of blank stares at her bedroom wall, Adelia had finally come to a decision.

Adelia had first discovered the clear baggy of Noah's drugs a week ago as she pulled it from the dirt of a plant pot. It took her exactly one minute and sixteen seconds for her to come to a resolution. Not because it was an easy decision to make, the fear which had flooded her mind would disagree. Adelia came to that settlement, on the spot, because of her dedication and commitment to Noah. Any other employee would have handed it in straight away, and Adelia knew that. She also knew that not only would that break her trust with Noah, but that would set him back and he would have less of a chance of being able to move out. At that moment, she decided that her aim would be to steer him away from that direction using guidance and support.

The reason it had not taken Adelia one minute and sixteen seconds to settle on the dilemma with Jess and her involvement with drugs, was because Adelia had no commitment to Jess. If the situation had been more simple and if Noah was not involved, it would have taken Adelia less than a minute to agree on reporting Jess. However, the look on Noah's face and the small dose of weakness Adelia had over Noah took over. In fact, as much as she did not like to admit, Adelia wanted Jess to learn her lesson and receive a punishment. But, Jess receiving a punishment also meant Noah receiving a punishment. She was terrified of doing anything that would impact Noah negatively.

After hours and hours of Adelia asking herself the numerous 'what ifs' and 'buts', she finally came to a decision. Adelia took her job seriously. Despite her recent discovery of her feelings towards Noah and her fear of upsetting him, she always wanted professionalism to win. Due to this, Adelia tried an alternative approach.

Rather than 'tell telling' on Jess and describing to Mauve what exactly she saw, the next day following her sleepless night, she strode into Mauve's office after requesting to speak with her. Adelia simply requested that Mauve, or another employee, thoroughly searched Jess' bedroom. Adelia did not go into depth with the reasoning behind her request and Mauve respected that. Adelia and Mauve had built a very sisterly bond since Adelia had started the job, and Mauve trusted her.

This was then followed by Mauve tenderly searching through the drawers of Jess's desk. Then, beneath the books resting on Jess's shelves and underneath her pillows. Jess stood at her doorway, she witnessed the whole situation unfold. She repeatedly aimed sarcastic comments towards Mauve. Until Mauve finally reached beneath her bed. Adelia watched as Jess began to stiffen up and suddenly became mute.

The children began to crowd around the doorway, one by one. Adelia tried her best to send them away but she had no luck. She felt extremely uncomfortable when she noticed the presence of Noah growling towards her. Adelia faced away from him but she could practically feel his eyes burning into the back of her head.

Everybody froze and paused their muttering when they heard the words 'oh my' fall from Mauves lips. She rose from halfway beneath the bed with a handful of small baggies. Some containing weed and other unknown pills and tabs.

Adelia did not know how to feel as she watched Mauve grasp onto Jess' arm with a face full of rage, and drag her downstairs. Once Mauve and Jess reached out of site, her attention then diverted to Noah. As soon as they locked eyes, he stalked past her, making sure to shove her shoulder with his in the process.

It killed Adelia to see Noah this way. But it also would have killed her to have him living under the same roof with someone giving him access to abused substances. She did what her job, in a way, required her to do.

A few days had passed since the whole house had witnessed the action of Jess' secret unfold before them. Mauve had arranged for Jess to be sent to another facility, with staff more qualified to look after her and her requirements.

Adelia, along with everyone else, had to observe as Jess removed herself and her suitcases from Hemlocks Yard. The majority of the children did not seem too affected by Jess having to leave and never return. The only one who had not taken this situation lightly at all was Noah.

For the whole of those few days and through the process of relocating Jess, Noah was nothing but disrespectful towards Adelia. He had not bothered to ignore her or avoid her. Instead, any chance he could he would tear through her with an unbelievable hostile look in his eyes. Anyone would have thought that every time he caught a glance of Adelia, all he would only see red.

Adelia wished for the chance to explain or justify herself to Noah. However, she had not even attempted to get the chance to do so because Adelia knew she would not be able to find the words.

Adelia did what she did because it was expected from her as an employee. It was the right thing to do. Yet, if she explained that to Noah, she knew he would be wondering why Adelia did not report him too. Despite knowing he would never verbally ask that question, she still wanted to provide him with an answer and she couldn't.

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