Novelty of Noah

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When Adelia initially recognised Noah's mobile laying upon the tattered wooden table, she judged that it would only take up to five minutes to return back to Noah. Adelia then understood that she had been proven wrong once she noticed Noah's benumbed state upon entering his bedroom.

Without a single hesitation, Adelia made a promise to herself that she would not leave Noah's side until he was in a sober enough state to care for himself. She simply did not care if this meant it would take one hour or several.

Throughout the entire duration in which Adelia accompanied Noah, she did not track the time which passed them by. The only implement which indicated to Adelia, regarding how many hours which had passed, was the pigment that painted the sky. When Adelia first entered Noah's bedroom, she remembered the sky coated in a royal shade of blue. Adelia and Noah then sat shoulder to shoulder throughout the shift of stain in the sky. To Adelia, it seemed like seconds was all it took for the royal blue sky to convert to an obsidian black and lastly, maya blue. When in reality, Adelia had sat, cradled besides Noah, for five whole hours.

Adelia had endorsed and sat through several stages of Noah's secondary effect. When she first lowered to his level and sat beside him in a state of panic, Noah was in horrific shape. Noah could not process his surroundings, his eyes rolled back and his jaw jittered every second. This condition lasted up to two hours for Noah. Adelia struggled to communicate with him and it did not take her long to give in and be physically present without using her words. Anytime Adelia attached her palm to his hand or perhaps his cheek, Noah's side effects seemed to soften for a small amount of time. During this particular period, Adelia argued with herself inside her mind. She wondered if she needed to call for help. But, if Noah's side effects were only a consequence of whatever drug he may have taken, Adelia wanted to protect him from getting into trouble with Mauve and the law.

After those pain aching two hours, Noah's condition seemed to lessen. Adelia persevered her position of resting her upright spine again the windowpane. Only now, Noah laid with his head in Adelia's lap and his face aimed towards the ceiling. The harsh jerking of Noah's jaw had calmed down to a subtle shaking and shivering-like manner. Noah's eyelids had sealed shut and because of this, Adelia struggled to make out if Noah continued to suffer from his eyeballs rotating. His breathing was indistinguishable from before and remained to gallop at fifty miles per hour.

Noah's slightly more tranquil state only lasted thirty minutes, or so, before he began to mumble and spill a selection of disorderly sentences. Although it may have appeared as if Noah was having a very operative dream, Noah was far from being asleep. Adelia found it close to impossible to make sense of the words Noah had been wailing. The phrases he would sulk stemmed from, 'This is what my grandmother told me!' to, 'That is my cat, not yours!'. At this point, Noah suffered from hallucinations and despite the faint comical comments he continued to make, Adelia found the situation anything but chucklesome.

Once the third evident stage of Noah's side effects approached, certain reactions of Noah's began to evolve. After an hour and a half of a stream of scrambled slurs which poured from Noah's mouth, he finally found silence. Noah remained conscious, but his lips did not part and his eyelids did not flutter. It was a challenge for Adelia to grasp whether Noah was asleep or not, but Noah was unable to fall into slumber with his mind still creating artificial scenarios. With Noah still resting his upper body in Adelia's lap, she allocated her hand on the centre of Noah's chest, to offer both herself and Noah reassurance. Adelia could feel the pumping of Noah's heart and that alone was enough to ease her mind.

The fourth and final stage, before Adelia parted ways with Noah, arrived without warning. The stillness, and quietude, completely consumed Noah's bedroom. Unfortunately, that exact serenity did not pass over into the final hour. While Adelia was persistently forced to refrain from nodding off into a deep sleep, Noah's breathing began to intensify. It was a sort of breathing which differed from four hours ago. Noah's chest would jitter several times before dragging out a pause. This action had repeated a handful of times.

Out of the blue, Noah's lips sealed tightly together. From the small section of Noah's top and bottom lip that was made visible, Adelia could clearly see them quavering. The furrow of Noah's eyebrows caused his closed eyelids to crinkle and shrivel up. A stream of salty tears then poured down the side of his cheeks and past his ears. From Adelia's angle, it looked as if she had a perfect view of the Yosemite Falls. The cycle of tears exiting Noah's eyes were endless.

Adelia offered plenty of soothing words of comfort to Noah. Despite the fact that Adelia was unaware of what had caused Noah's sudden outburst of tears, she made her best attempt to cheer him up. Adelia assured Noah that she would always be there for him to come to her for advice or comfort. It seemed that not a single word Adelia spoke, out of warmth, managed to comfort Noah. Time was all he needed for his tears to come to a holt.

With the shade of maya blue sky lighting up Noah's bedroom, Adelia sensed it was time for her to leave. Noah simply sat up and used the section of his skin, between his palm and his wrist, to wipe away the wet tears which perched upon his cheeks. Adelia assessed Noah's state and attempted to pull some words of spirit from his mouth, but she did not receive any luck. Noah refused to speak, similar to the previous weeks.

Once Adelia agreed that Noah was in a position good enough to be left by himself, Adelia rose from Noah's carpet and crept from his bedroom. She made it to the front door of the home by many long and silent strides. Adelia did not forget the long and daunting walk home since her car had broken down during the previous morning.

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