Omega Virus: Sigma Hour (book 4)

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Level 13: Muramasa


Level 13: MURAMASA

Beeping came from somewhere nearby. No, not beeping, an alarm. It blared over and over angrily warning me of something. It warned me of danger. Then came the frantic voices.

“Wake him up!” A frantic Lady cried.

Arik snapped back. “It’s too dangerous. What if his arms fall off?”

“Then reattach them!” She shouted.

“We ain’t scientists!” Johnny joined in the argument.

The alarm blared more ferociously it seemed.

“Jeffy.” Dragoon’s voice said. “Wake up.”

“He can’t just yet.” Beauregard replied. “The Alpha Virus needs time to bond his nerves.”

“We can’t let him be lay there!” Dragoon argued back. “We have to initiate the wakeup protocol.”

“No. It’s too early.”

“If not, he’s dead. They’re all dead.”

Again, I heard a beeping, and this time it didn’t seem to be an alarm. The sound came from within my mind; an actual beeping.

I knew I’d woken up. I could hear the groaning of steel. Something tried to force its way into the room through the door, or maybe an air vent.

“Jeffy.” Dragoon said. “Wake up.”

My eyes flashed open and I tried to sit up, but my arms weighed me down. I blinked several times, and looked around. Arik, Johnny Bomb, and Lady all cried out with each loud groan. They stood by the door, putting all the weight against it. Whatever wanted through, they fought it.

I opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn’t move my tongue; everything still felt numb, but my arms especially.

Finally, I looked at my useless feeling limbs and my jaw dropped. Each arm looked as if armor had been attached, heavy armor.

“Holy shit.” I muttered, as I tried to move them. But they didn’t respond.

I sat up, this time bringing my limbs with me. The gold armor felt strange. Even though it looked like armor had been fitted to the contours of my limbs, I couldn’t feel anything within. I looked at my fingers and focused on curling them, faking a fist.

It took a few tries, but the fingers did begin to move, and it drew shock from me. My fingers weren’t inside of the armor; my fingers were the armor.

I cursed. Dragoon and Beauregard hadn’t lied. I no longer had human arms; I’d become a cyborg just like Dragoon. But what could my new arms do? They have a special button, or switch? Could I shoot plasma bullets at my enemies?

“He’s awake!” Arik cried. “Jeff, help us with this door!”

As he finished those words, the doors exploded open and my three friends were thrown across the room. A gelatinous blob bobbed its way into the room. It had a human torso with a blank, featureless face. Its arms were tentacles, and everything from the waist down looked to be black goo held together by who knows what.

“Dr. Bill.” I whispered.

The thing bounced in my direction. The creature brought its tentacles into the air above its head and came down with an overhead strike. I fell flat on my back and threw up my arms across my face in a desperate block.

Down came the appendages and slammed into my new, robotic arms. The force of the blow couldn’t have been more tremendous. I felt pretty sure that the bones in my old arms would’ve shattered under such incredible strength. The steel table buckled and collapsed, sending me crashing into the floor.

“Leave my cure alone!” Lady cried. I turned my head to see her back on her feet and rushing at the doctor.

She slashed her sharpened nails across Bill’s chest. Bright green lines appeared in his skin, and Omega blood leaked out.

Bill’s empty mug, looked down at the wound, likely out of instinct, because he had no features on his flat face. Then he looked back up at Lady and a clicking sound went off like a machine gun. The creature’s tentacles flailed about and swiped at her.

She ducked one slap and jumped another.

Gunfire exploded from behind Bill. Johnny and Arik were both back on their feet, firing their guns.

Dr. Bill turned on them.

“Activate your Muramasa.” A voice said over the speakers of the room.

“Muramasa?” I whispered.

Out of nowhere, my hands retracted into my thicker forearms and out shot blue fire. Everything seemed to slow down. Everyone, including the monster doctor looked at the beams coming out of my wrist. But Dr. Bill didn’t seem enthused. He spun back on me and chopped a tentacle straight down towards me.

This time, instead of blocking I swung my arm up, and the laser blade followed. Tentacle and laser met; laser won. The tentacle severed with the stench of burning rubber. The blob doctor bounced about and clicked like mad.

Scrambling to my feet, I held my laser arms before me.

“Whoa!” Arik cried. “Is that your new power?”

“Looks like it!” I said.

“Well don’t just stand there, dumbass!” Johnny snapped. “Slice and dice this morbid freak!”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I charged in at Dr. Bill and swung my arms in an X. The lasers cut into through the creature’s torso with little effort. I hopped back and stared at the blackened parts of his skin where my attack had made contact.

Bill turned his head, looking at the wounds as well. His head lifted back up and he clicked a series of words in his dolphin language, and then he fell into four pieces. The blob body melted away into the floor, leaving a green and black pool of gunk, along with the remaining pieces of his flesh.

Jake A. Strife

Edited: 13.11.2019

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