Omega Virus: Sigma Hour (book 4)

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Level 17: Zombie Army


We were just barely staying ahead of the super horde that the sandstorm has veiled. We had gained maybe an hour on them at best, if they even still followed. But perhaps they had chained direction and walked off into the desert to be feasted on by Zombeast carrion eaters.

To my left, Arik stumbled along, tired, and thirsty. To my right, Johnny did much of the same. Sweat beaded both of their foreheads, and the smell of body odor struck me from all sides. It was a welcomed smell, really. Way better than the stench of Corpses and Zombeasts.

Finally, the heart began to get to me as well. I had to have been more than one hundred degrees as we trudged along that highway.

“We have to stop and rest.” Arik whimpered.

I looked to the left, wasteland. I looked to my right, more wasteland.

“I don’t know where you think we can do that.” I told him.

“Maybe take a rest in the next car we come to.” Johnny shrugged.

I sighed. “Good enough for me.”

We continued on that way for another thirty minutes before finally we came to a row of crashed vehicles.

“Be careful.” I announced. “We don’t know which ones have Corpses in them.”

“Right.” Arik rushed out before us and started peeking in the windows of the cars.

Johnny started off around the right side, near the edge of the road. He started pulling open car doors recklessly, and sticking his head inside each.

“I said be careful!” I snapped, walking up to the red corvette.

“This is a nice car.” Johnny said, climbing into the passenger seat. “Check to see if it starts.”

“This model is a two-seater.” I told him, kicking the tire of the car. It was flat.

“We can leave Arik behind, can’t we?” Johnny asked.

“Shut up.” I muttered. “No one’s getting left behind.”

“Well, I am going to take a nap here.” He pushed back the seat and propped his legs up on the dashboard.

“It’s too damn hot in these things.” I said.

“Better than roasting in the sun and getting skin cancer.” He replied. “There’s no one to treat that no more. Unless you wanna find a hospital and do your own chemo.”

“I’m good.” I muttered, slamming the driver’s side door shut; which promptly fell off.

“Hey!” Johnny whined. “You broke my baby.”

“Just keep an eye out for Corpses, Zombeasts, and the wonder twins that attacked us in the storm.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Johnny waved his hand dismissively.

I walked away and scanned the area. There were cars for what seemed like a mile in reality. There had to have been some kind of traffic jam. As I walked along peeking in the cars, I didn’t find any sign of Corpses, or many decomposed bodies. People must’ve just got tired of waiting and left their cars on foot.

I passed a semi-truck and stopped in my tracks. Turning back, I looked at the green vehicle. It looked like one of the ones that used to deliver water to houses. My family had subscribed to their services when I was younger. I searched the side and found two handles. I flipped the lock bar to the side and pulled up. The side of the truck slid up, revealing a dozen huge jugs of water. I pulled one out, and sure enough beautiful, sweet water still sloshed about inside. I opened it and dumped it over my head, soaking myself. The water was hot, but it still felt better than the beaming heat.

“Hey!” Arik cried, appearing beside me. “You’re wasting water.”

I shoved the half-full jug into Arik’s hands. “Here. You need a bath.”

“What?” Arik asked. “Are you saying stink.”

“We all stink.” I muttered, as I walked past him and pulled open the driver’s side door.

Something fell out and hit the pavement. I hopped back and stared at the decomposed body. It slowly turned its head and opened its mouth, gnashing its teeth. The Corpse tried to roll over, but failed. It didn’t have enough muscle mass to move its own body; the thing pretty much resembled a skeleton.

I walked up and kneeled beside it. The undead grabbed my arm and pulled with all its might, but it couldn’t budge me. I reached down, and put my hand in reach of its jaws. It snapped out and bit into my metallic fingers. The few teeth it had remaining broke.

“Pathetic thing.” I muttered. I grabbed the Corpse under its jaw and with a quick yank, tore of its head. Still, the mouth moved and its greenish, pus filled eyes turned to stare up at me.

“I’m gonna call you, Bob.” I muttered as I held him out before me.

After making sure I broke out all of its teeth, I turned to Arik.

“Hey, catch Bob!” I threw the head at him.

He turned, and on instinct caught the Corpse head. Then he screeched and threw it up in the air. It fell down and splattered on the asphalt, brains spewing everywhere.

“You killed Bob!” I frowned.

“You named it?” He asked, incredulous.

“Yeah, he was gonna give me valuable life advice.”

“He worked for a water delivery service.” Arik rolled his eye.

I started to chuckle, and soon it became laughter. Before I knew it, I doubled over and slapped my knees. The scenario was just too damned funny.

“You okay?” Arik asked, wiping the gunk from Bob off on his jeans.

Jake A. Strife

Edited: 13.11.2019

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