Omega Virus: Sigma Hour (book 4)

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Level 20: Cruisin'

Level 20: Cruisin’


Dyonna’s screams filled my ears. I however, didn’t have time to scream. The dragon with blackish gray scales leapt towards us with its snapping jaws.

We plummeted, with my back to the ground. I couldn’t see the concrete, but I knew it was coming up fast. The dragon snapped and I thrust out my arm, whispering, “Muramasa.”

My laser blade slashed out across the dragon’s face. It pulled back its neck and roared, flapping its wings to avoid crashing into the ground.

“Jeff!” Dyonna screamed and then we made impact.

The wind was blasted from my lungs, and a crippling pain blew through my entire body. I arched my back and cried out, and then my head bounced against the ground. Instantly, moans descended upon us.

I looked up into Dyonna’s eyes just as the first Corpses grabbed her shoulders and yanked her back. She screeched and struggled, elbowing one, punching another; but there were too many. One tripped and fell into my, gnashing its broken teeth at my nose.

Closing my eyes, I prepared for the worst.

Then there came a blaring; the loud blaring of a car horn. I opened my eyes and the Corpses were releasing Dyonna. They all turned to face the noise.

Boom. An explosion sent undead pieces flying in every direction. The shockwave of the blast threw Dyonna back on top of me. Screeching tires swerved up beside us and came to a stop mere inches from our heads.

We looked up to see a red Italian sports car. My jaw dropped open as the window rolled down and Johnny leaned his head out.

“Need a lift?” He grinned, with his broken smile.

Dyonna and I looked to each other and nodded. She helped me to my feet, and despite my aching back, I was able to walk. Hobbling, we made it to the passenger side, where the door opened upwards. There was only one passenger seat, so it turned out to be a tight squeeze with Dyonna half-sitting on my lap.

“Damn.” I said, pulling the door closed. “Am I glad to see you!”

“Who this?” Dyonna asked.

Johnny held out his hand. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“No you haven’t.” I muttered, and then looked at the front of the car where a mini-missile launcher was attached. “How the hell did you rig this up so fast?”

“I didn’t.” Johnny shrugged. “Not far from where you left me with the truck, there was an old junkyard. There had to have been a dozen of these babies put together and ready to roll.”

“You stole it?” I asked.

He chuckled and phlegm flew from his mouth. “Aint stealin’ when everybody’s dead.”

Then came the great roar of the dragon.

“Holy shit-on-a-shingle.” Johnny said, looking out of the front windshield. “I couldn’t tell before, but that’s a damn dragon!”

“Sure as hell be one.” Dyonna said. “So punch it! Floor it! Get us da hell outta here!”

The dragon was flapping its wings and soaring around the mall building. As soon as it made its second round, it turned its head towards us.

A green gas snorted out of its nostrils and it changed directions.

“Drive!” I shouted.

Johnny slammed on the gas and the car lurched forward. We were off. He spun the wheel, turning us and driving over a bridge where pieces of zombies lay about.

Another horde was coming up ahead.

“Can you blast through it?” I asked.

“Too many!” He cried, and spun the wheel.

The car drifted around the corner, and shot forward again. I looked in the rear-view mirror and spotted Coon the Dragon flying just above and behind us. We weren’t losing him.

“We need open road.” I said. “It’s our only chance of outrunning him!”

“Are you batshit man?” Johnny cried. “If we try to take to an open area he’ll swoop down and chew our asses.”

Johnny swerved, drifting us around another corner and narrowly missing a semi.

Then I spotted our saving grace; a tunnel.

“Up ahead!” I said as the Dragon roared. “In that tunnel!”

Johnny nodded and pushed all the way down on the gas.

I glanced back into the rearview mirror and the deadly Coon swooped in for the kill.

Dyonna screamed and Johnny shouted a cheer as we ramped off a fallen freeway sign. In midair, Coon snapped at us. Gravity caught the car and we landed, bounced and sped into the tunnel. The dragon’s head followed inside as its massive shoulders slammed the walls. Debris flew as he tried to snap us up, but we were out of his reach.

“We made it!” I breathed. “Hell yeah! We made it!”

 Johnny let out another cheer, “Whoop whoop!”

But then as I took another look back, the dragon opened his mouth and a green gas blasted out. I watched as every car in the way instantly rusted as it was consumed.

“Holy hell!” I snapped. “Outrun the gas!”

“What gas?” Johnny asked.

I turned the rear view back and Johnny looked up, and his face contorted in fear.

“Oh.” He whispered. “That gas.”

“Can’t we go any fasta?” Dyonna cried, as the tunnel decayed behind us.

I stared in horror, watching the death gas chase us; and it was catching.

“In fact, we can.” Johnny said, as calm as could be.

I watched his hand move down to where the emergency brake should have been. Instead there was a red lever. He pulled it back, and a great flame erupted from the back of the car. We shot forward like a rocket and Dyonna slammed back into me. I wrapped my arms around her so she didn’t flip around from the sheer force of the turbo.

Jake A. Strife

Edited: 13.11.2019

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