Omega Virus: Sigma Hour (book 4)

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Final Level



The sound of ringing assaulted my ears; the kind you get when the air pressure changes, or perhaps the sound of when an explosion goes off right next to you; because that's what had happened.

On my heads up display, my HP meter read one percent. The word danger was barely flashing and my vision went out every several seconds.

"What the hell happened?" I whispered, pushing myself into a sitting position.

The last thing I remembered was an airship going overhead and blasting down.

"Shit!" I cried. "The hospital!"

I looked around, and found myself surrounded by rubble. The building was entirely gone, and no one was in sight; not even the Corpses nearby had survived the blast, or stuck around by the looks of it.

The city was empty and the moon was shining high in the sky.

"No..." I gasped as I stood up and looked around. "This can't be happening! Who could've done such a thing?"

But in my mind I already knew—It had been Dante.

Beside me the rubble began to shift. I dropped to my knees and threw away the giant chunk of wall that had fallen. Dave climbed out of the hole with his face covered in blood.

"I feel like a nuke hit me." Dave whimpered.

"Are you all right?" I asked, looking him over.

"Yeah..." He muttered. "But we have to find the others."

We spent the next hour searching for our friends.

It wasn't long until we started finding bodies. Johnny was the first we found. He was clutching Dyonna in his arms. Neither of them had survived the blast.

"Shit." I sobbed, as I we trudged around looking for Zach, Tiffany, Wendy, Jessie and the babies.

Another hour passed, and we found the Zombie Killing hat and jacket. We found the unconscious form of Zach, and Dave stayed with him as I continued to dig through the rubble.

Next, I found Wendy and Jessie. I dug them out and looked them over. Wendy was breathing, lightly, but she was covered in blood. Jessie was fine but in a daze. Buried beneath them, there came a crying.

Dave rushed over and took Wendy to the side.

I carefully dug through the rubble and found Tiffany, hugging a single baby. I rolled her over as I took the baby and stared down at my friend. She wasn't breathing.

"Oh no." I whispered. "Dave! Come here!"

Dave rushed over and I stood with the baby. Give her mouth-to-mouth! She's still warm! I think she's still alive!"

"What? Me?" He cried.

"Please!" I begged. "I don't have lungs!"

With a nod, he kneeled down and started blowing air into Tiffany's mouth.

A few moments after he pushed on her chest, and breathed again, she started to cough and opened her eyes.

"What happened?" She whispered, looking up at us. "Where's Chrono?"

I kneeled down next to her showing her the baby. "I found him... but not Silver."

"Oh my gosh." She gasped. "I remember now! He took her!"

"Who?" Dave asked.

Tiffany began to sob, and shook her head. "Dante took Silver!"

Dave and I looked at each other and began to fear for the world.

Dante had the Silver Star.


Jake A. Strife

Edited: 13.11.2019

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