On The Ledge

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The Quiet of the Night



A feeling of emptiness overcame him when he finished watching a movie on his laptop. The movie itself wasn't bad, his life was. Weeks passed by and as Christmas neared Sam just wasn't in the mood for festivities. His relationship with Sophia was currently under question now that she seemed to get cold towards him. And the weird thing was that he didn't even know what caused her to get so distant.

Binge watching movies in the middle of the night all alone in his room sort of helped ease the loneliness but it didn't deny the fact that he felt like crap inside. He thought about the night when he punched Brad and immediately regretted having done that. Maybe that guy Brad was hanging out with was indeed his friend. In that case he could understand why Brad was ignoring him at school these days.

And he didn't like that the conversation with Samantha made him feel queasy inside. He just couldn't help but feel guilt and shame afterwards. Samantha was clearly a nice girl but there was something about her that bugged him.

He closed the laptop and laid on his back, staring at the ceiling. He liked how quiet everything around him was, it gave him a sense of serenity. The quiet night gave space for the loud thoughts in his head, saying he should have a talk with Haley. But a part of him resisted to that idea. Maybe it was just too soon. Maybe he should wait a little more.



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Story about: boy next door, coming of age, lgbt

Edited: 09.02.2019

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