Only love, whit you

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Chapter 1


In short, I'm Charlie Misbert, 17 from London. My father and my mother divorced two weeks ago, because my father can not be contracted when going out to clubs, restaurants, and wherever my mother is not with him. Already with 20 outrages behind my back, which my dear mother understood only 1 month ago, my father reached the border and my mother asked for divorce.

And here I am, at the airport, waiting to call us for a flight to New York. I do not know why we're leaving. Could not we stay in London? And the answer was categorical.

No, she can not, because my mother does not want to have anything to do with the past in which Papa is a father. I'm angry with him, and Mom rightly hates him, but why do you fuckin 'go for everything because of a man's mistakes.

Now we go to grandmother, strange is that my grandmother has the same fate as my mother. Give me a god, I'm not kissing them.

And now what, new city, new school, new friends and dating. It's as if I've restarted my life and start all over again. How cool.


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