Our secret

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chapter one / the talking teddy bear

IN Tokyo 5/7/ 2014

It was my twelve birthday, my friends come to the house. We play, sing, dance, laugh and eating cake. When my friends gave me the gift suddenly the door nocked, I was surprised who is knocking at that time. When I open the door I find a gift outside I take the gift to the house and open it. When I open it I find a teddy bear it was so cute, it was light brown and his eye was blue I name the teddy ray, so in the night my friend went and I was sitting on the phone.

“Sweet it’s time for sleeping,” said mom

“Ok mom goodnight”

Sometime when I was sitting on a phone or reading a book I fell that ray is moving or I hearing a voice from him and when I say to mom she says “you imagine”.

One day In the middle of the night I wake up from a strange voice, when I look nearly, the teddy bear was talking. When was going to shout, the teddy bear suddenly “wa... Wait a second don’t shout please I’m going to explain everything for you”

“But how you’re talking’’

“I’m not like any doll or bear came from the future’’ what from the future that is amazing “the scientists make me a mind and a heart like the humans and sent me to the past”

Mmm… so you’re like the humans, but why they sent you”

"There is a Monster came from another planet and they want to destroy the Earth but don't worry I have a book but it's not like any book when I open is the monster will be in the book,” Ray said

“But, how there is a monster in our earth”

“Because they are disappearing so the human can’t see them, so your name is Susy is it right,” said Ray

“Yes, how did you know my name?”

“From your mom when she calls you, do you know that I love my name that you name me, so I think that it’s time to sleep because of it at three o’clock”

Oh I forget that we are in the night so…..goodnight ray

“Goodnight Susy”

Next day….

I was studying in science for the next year when Ray said “Susy, would you like to go with me to the future”

"Really, of course, but how"

He said “look at me” he opens my closet and says the Secret door open the door to the future, and suddenly circle inside it like a galaxy I was a surprise

“Come on Susy we are going to 2066,” Ray said I get in seconds we were in the same country it was amazing to see. The cars were flying, kids were playing racing in the flying skateboard, tall building, the police was robots, I can’t imagine what our future could look like that.

“Susy was are going to a small shop to bring some stuff so do you want to go with me or wait for me”

“I think that I will wait for you to hear”

So ray go to the shop and I was still looking to our future I was thinking if I could see myself, what I’m working and who I married when ray come and say “wear it, it’s not like any necklace for fighting the monsters so wear it”


“Do you like to go to the cafe shop?” said Ray

“Ray I’m not understanding, yesterday you say to keep it secret and we are in the street talking and walking like nothing important for you?” “Susy we are in the future all the doll are talking and walking with the humans, so it’s normal for the people but in your present, the dolls are not talking so if they see me they will

Get scared for me and run or the scientist will discover me and make me parts so do you want to go” may answer

“OK” within the shy face. Suddenly ray press in his nose, he becomes a teen book, I was shocked. His eye looks like the light blue with a circle face and brown wavy hair.

“What you’re a teen boy”

Yes what is the problem, can be human for an hour”

We go to the café, we sit, in the middle of the table there was a big iPad

“Chose what you want”

“Mmm…maybe I will choose a milkshake

“Excuse me two milkshakes”

“Ok wait one minute”

How old are you ray? “I don’t know, because I’m teddy bear did you forget that” ray answer

“Hear the milkshake” “thanks,” said Ray

“Susy is that the school vacation” yes why are you asking ray

“Awesome, because our adventure will start”

But what about my parents

were thinking about what they will do for the parents, suddenly ray said “I know what I will do. I will make a robot from you” Susy was thinking how the robot looks then say but maybe why will know that it is a robot. “Don’t worry robot in the future are like humans and their

Action” ray its 4:06 o’clock, I have to go to the home because if the time is passing 4:20 she will punish me

They pay for the milkshake and go to a dark place that no people on it, he turns to a teddy bear and said “the Secret door open the door so they go to Susy room, mother was calling her, Susy ran to her mother,

, “Why you are not coming when I’m calling you”

“Lie I was putting the earphone and listen to the music so that why wasn’t hearing you, so sorry mom”

“Ok no problem, we were waiting for you the dinner”

They sit at the dinner “ Susy are you studying for the books that I buy it for you” said, dad. “Yes daddy, I’m studying them for two or three hours a day.

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