Perfect life? Perhaps not

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Chapter 2

The next two weeks passed rather quick. Sasha, Kayla and Aisha were exploring Vienna together and had lots of fun with Kayla and Aisha were working in Eureka.

One day Aisha went to see her brother Mike and Kayla decided to visit Adam to go horse back riding with him. When she came out of her hostel a man was standing in front of the entrance. She went past him when ...

"Hey, are you Kayla Smith?" he asked.

"Yes, who are you?"

"Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name is George Anderson and I think I am your father.

"Excuse me?! I have a father! His name is Boyce Smith."

"Can we talk somewhere private, please?"


In that moment Kayla's teacher Ella came past and said "Kayla, what is going on?"

"Nothing" Kayla answers and runs to her room. She phones her mother.

"Hello? Kayla? What is wrong? Sweety?" Monica answers.

"Mom, why is here a man named George Anderson claiming to be my father?

"Oh my god. Did he try to hurt you?"

"No. But he is standing outside my hostel and I can't go anywhere." Kayla starts crying.

"Kaylee, wait there. I am coming to you."

The phone conversation ends.


Meanwhile back outside

Sasha comes to get Kayla to go exploring the town. When he comes to the entrance he finds Ella talking to his family's worst enemy George Anderson. But he goes past them as he has a bad feeling about Kayla. He enters her room and finds her unconscious. He quickly calls ambulance and she is soon transported to the Vienna State Hospital where the doctor Mike Rough (Aisha's brother) tells him that she probably fainted because of shock.

Kayla wakes up.

"Where am I?" she asks.

"You are in a hospital honey." answers her mother Monica.

"Mom, what are you doing here?

"I came here after you called me. And after that I was already in my car when Sasha called me that you were here."

"Did you see ... ehm ... that man?" she asks after seeing that Sasha is also in the room.

"No." Monica asks.

"Kay, are you okay? What happened?" asks Sasha.

"Yes, I am fine. I am just tired. I don't know actually. That man told me something. I was angry. But as soon as I called my mom I fainted. I don't know what happened then." Kayla answers.

"Is that man George Anderson?" Sasha asks angrily.

"Yes, how do you know him?" Monica asks.

"He used to be my father's best friend. Now he is the worst enemy of my parents." Sasha states.

Sasha leaves the room since he doesn't trust himself to be calm and not hurt Kayla.

"Sasha! Come back! Please!" Kayla yells.


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