Perfect life? Perhaps not

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Chapter 4

After Kayla fainted Adam called the doctor and left. He calls Sasha.

"Hey Sasha. We need to talk about Kayla:"

"Why? Did you tell her?"

"No. For some reason she fainted. Before that she told me to tell you to talk to her if you have something you want to say to her."

"Wait a minute. She fainted? Why now?"

"I don't know. We talked and she fainted. I will have to call you back."

He hangs up as he sees Monica.

"Mrs. Smith. Can we talk?"

"Hey Adam. What is going on?"

"I just wanted to tell you that Kayla fainted."

"Oh thank you for telling me."

She leaves quickly and goes to Kayla's room where she founds Kayla's doctor worried.

"What happened to my baby?" she asks nervously.

"She suffered a cardiac arrest because of the shock probably. We got her back but we need to take her to surgery as soon as possible. I will come update you as soon as I will know more."

"Thank you Doc."

Dr. Mike Rough leaves the room and soon after that the nurses take Kayla to go to surgery. Monica quickly calls Sasha.

"What is going on Mrs. Smith?"

"Hello Sasha. I need to talk to you about Kayla. She suffered a cardiac arrest and is now in surgery."

"Wait what? My brother just told me she fainted. How did this happen?"

"I don't know. It wasn't just George Anderson's news I guess."

"I am on my way Mrs. Smith."

They hang up.


"I am here Mrs. Smith."

"Thank you for coming. So as I said on the phone there must have been some news that disturbed Kayla's heart."

"Adam told me that they talked about George and his news and that he told her about the relationship between our mother and George's wife. But that is all he told me."

"I think her father told her something that made this happen."

"Have you spoken to him since?

"No. He is unreachable at the moment. I left him a message."

Sasha goes out of the room and calls Boyce.

"Hello?" he answers.

"Hello Mr. Smith. This is Sasha speaking."

"Oh hello Sasha. Is everything alright?"

"Not really. Kayla is in the operating room."

"Oh crap. What happened?

"She suffered a cardiac arrest but they got her back. They need to fix it."

"Thank you for telling me. Bye Sasha."


They ended the phone call. When Sasha comes back into Kayla's room there is George inside talking with Monica.

"I didn't know it would kill her if I told her." says George.

"I don't think it was your news. It is somewhere in the mix but it is not just that." says Sasha

"What are you talking about Sasha?" says Monica.

"Wait a minute. You are Sasha Cordon?" asks George.

"Yes. My parents are Vasilij Avelli and Irene Avelli Cordon. But anyway I think Kayla heard some news from her father." 

"What kind of news?" asks Monica.

"I think he might be sick. When we talked on the phone I heard that the nurse called some doctor in the oncology ward." says Sasha.

"This can't be true. He told me he was fine. But this might explain Kayla's words to him before she left Ljubljana." says Monica.

As they talk further George finds out more about Kayla and Sasha becomes more and more irritated because there are no news about Kayla. He also thinks that Kayla's cardiac arrest is his fault. When he tells Monica about this thought she says "It might me in the mix. But if Boyce is sick that could have explained why she got sick."


Mike Rough enters Kayla's room to tell the news to Monica. 

"Mike, how is Kayla?" asks Sasha.

"The surgery was a success. She is in the ICU. She is stable but the next 24 hours will be crutial." says Mike.

"Can I see her?" asks Monica.

"Actually she only wants to talk to Sasha." says Mike.


"I don't know but if she survives the 24 hours we will transport her to UKC Ljubljana where they will take care of her. Now come with me Sasha."

Sasha goes with the doctor to Kayla's ICU room. Kayla is awake.

"Please don't let her talk a lot." says Mike.

"Hey Kay. Are you okay?"

"Yes. I am fine. I am just tired."

"Your mother is worried about you."

"I know but I need to talk to you."

"What about?"

"I know why this happened. Firstly I met my biological father than my adoptive father tells me he is sick and then Adam tells me that you want to break up with me."

"I was angry that no one told me whose daughter you are. I am sorry for that. I don't want to break up with you. When you were in the surgery I found out I love you more than myself."

"I don't want to break up with you. But I have a feeling that the universe works against us."

"We will do step by step. Deal?"




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