Please Don't Say You Love Me

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Chapter 1

Hello, my name is Joy Jules and this is my story. You may have heard stories about my sister Amy, but its my turn. It all started in high school, I was walking to the cemetary I heard crying. I went to see who it was when I looked I saw that it was Jack Walker, the cutest boy in the school. He sat in front of two gravestones. He turned around and saw me. I tried to quietly walk back without him noticing, but I tripped on a rock and fell on my face. He heard me fall and came to see what had happened. "Were you stalkig me?" he asked. I answered quietly "No." He helped me get up. "Who do you have in this creepy cemetary?" he asked. "My father and my big brother, " I answered. Ever since that day we have been madly in love. We had been dating all of our high school years together. Since then we made a pact, that when we both turn 30( if single) we will get married and live in our hometown. A girl can't say no to something like that, can she? 


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Story about: first love, golddiggers

Edited: 01.11.2019

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