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Chapter three

Author's note :
Hey guys sorry for the late update but I hope it's worth it please comment on the chapter tell me what you thought if there is anything I need to change or if you were confused I need to know your thoughts because I really want to know how is the book doing please take some time to leave a comment after the chapter.
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We always hope that the guilt of our past will never fully have the privilege of consuming what's left of the little rags of humanity hanging onto our souls, but then our hopes are shattered, and it comes back shredding every nerve, disrupting every thought, corrupting every feeling.

Rage and confusion filled his shaking body. His gut knew what it had to do, but his mind was out of control, like a virus-infected navigation system trying to direct his hands to the prescribed nerve killers in his jacket's pocket, but glitching after every millisecond, until his hands finally found its way to the pills. Shaking he opened the container emptying not one, but  5 capsules onto his hand. Eager to end the pain he threw the capsules into his mouth, flushing it down with water. He kept his head  hanging down  over the washbasin, perspiration dripping from his hair, and his hands clutching the granite top, he waited patiently for his sanity to return to him. As soon as he completely gained his mental stability, he threw water over his face, washing the dripping perspiration and hopefully all the memories that would haunt him for the rest of his life, but now the only memory traumatising Rays soul was the memory of the man he had just bumped into. The man who still had the face of a kid he tried to forget 20 years ago, but this kid was now a grown man, who caused painful memories to come crushing threw the virtual walls he had taken many years to construct in his mind.
22 march 1997

Time was pacing swiftly in the uptown Manhattan apartment, today was his big day, he was at the brink of closing a huge deal with the Israeli government, the only con of the situation was that Israel would become his family's new home. Although they would be staying in a city far from the ongoing war, it will still be closer to the war then Manhattan, but these were the sacrifices successful businessmen had to make now and then.

His house was filled with noise and excitement, everyone in a hurry to get ready, and look their best for today. His wife Kate had left what she'd been  employed in,  to resolve an argument between his daughters, the twins, Anne and Angeline, while the youngest his son Nathon no older than 8, already dressed and packed went to finish his mothers packing. Ray seeing this offered to help with the zippers, but little Nathon simply refused the offer  saying to his father:
"Dad it's ok I'm old enough to know how to zip a suitcase."

Ray offended, but still not ready to give up, smiled at him and said:

" ok then if you need my help I'll be right here, ok."

Seeing that his son gave no reply, he just stood there admiring him while at the same time feeling a little sorry for the kid. A child should never be burdened with a mind so advanced, robbing them of the biggest gift in life, the innocence of childhood, but little Nathon would never know what it is to have that blessing since seeing he was already the reason for his father's current promotion.

Ray feeling a bit embarrassed at his sons displaying more responsibility than his self tried to find something to tidy up. His wife, who finally found a way to solve the girl's argument, came out to finish what shed been doing followed by the girls, who were now dressed, and as ready as their brother. The sight in front of them shocked all the ladies, causing them to laugh. Nathon was always happy to give a helping hand despite his age that's why he was his mothers favourite, but  Ray was never a man of household choirs. The only thing she thought could cause such a drastic change in his behaviour was probably the excitement of today. Nathon not getting the cause of amusement looked at his family shrugged, and continued with his work.

They reached the jet five minutes before their scheduled take-off time, only because kate decided to change her skirt and wear a dress at the last minute, and thought that her hair would be better tied then loose, but despite all of that useless delays, they made it to the jet eventually. Their family and close friends were there to see them off, only adding to Ray's excitement, and building onto the dread and unease that slowly began to form in the pits of Kate's stomach. As much as she hated to ruin her husbands big shot, she couldn't help but make her feelings known to him before they left for a country from which there could possibly be no return. She placed her hand on his, gently circling her finger over the top of his skin she looked into his eyes finding a way to his heart and inquired :

"Ray are you sure about this?"

He pulled his hand back brushing it through his hair, and after a moment of deep thought he replied:

"yes, of course, I'm sure, why are you asking me this? Is it because you getting cold feet?

She took both his hands in hers, and replied off course not, you know I'll follow you to the end of the earth if I have to, but it's just that I know the money is really good, and this is the life we've been dreaming of ever since we got married, but is it really worth risking our home, family and friends, only to go and stay in a country where danger awaits us around every corner?"
Ray looked into her eyes his hands now holding hers even tighter he said:
"We not going into danger, you know I'll never put you in danger. We going to the nice part where there is no war I swear." he tried to reason, but kate was still  not fully at  ease and tried to make her husband see the bigger picture. While still holding his hands she said :


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