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Chapter 2

Swartswood Lake indeed turned out to be a picturesque place, and Sandra couldn’t agree more with that, watching the area through the car windows while they approached it. As three cars stopped several meters away from the lake and the engines went silent, she stepped out and inhaled deeply the refreshing air. Despite the day being hot, the lake and the wind provided the refreshment that made them feel pleasant in such heat. But they had all the day and even night in front, so now seven friends were busy with setting their tents, placing each close to one another and putting the sleeping bags in them. Sandra watched as Rod and Billy pulled out their laptop bags and put them into their tents, ready for the movie marathon they planned for the evening. Sandra then took her computer and put it into the tents as well.

After the barbecue set was prepared and the fire in it burned, Rod’s voice echoed above all other sounds:

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, ready for this year’s first dip in the lake?”

“Yeah, baby!” “Sure!” “Let’s do it!” the voices of others echoed chaotically in response. Each of the friends couldn’t wait to start the swimming season, especially in such weather like today. All friends had decided that it would be practical to put their swimming suits on before departing so they could waste no time and dive in when all the preparations are finished. Both guys ran into the water at once, the girls, however, were slower and more reluctant. The water seemed cold at first, but the longer they stayed in it, the warmer it felt. All seven friends loved swimming in Swartswood Lake, going out to sunbathe now and then before diving into the lake again. It was fun for them, and, of course, it didn’t go without playful “drowning” and jokes, thus it led to remembering Jason Voorhees and his drowning in Crystal Lake in Friday the 13th films.

“Hey guys, what do you think, why this character of Jason Voorhees went into the lake if he didn’t know how to swim?” Julie asked. “I’ve seen the first movie and remember that he drowned at night, and there was no one to watch him. Why so? Or maybe someone pushed him into the water and ran away?”

“I don’t think that was the case,” Sandra explained. “You see, him being pushed by other kinds we see in Freddy vs. Jason crossover movie, but that was a dream sequence. Yes, Jason didn’t know how to swim, but I think he wanted to learn by himself, so he went outside in the late evening, wanting to prove that he can learn to swim, like any other kid. As for him being alone…” she coughed and continued: “Well, his mother worked at the moment, cooking food, thus she couldn’t be with him every moment. The camp counselors were busy at that moment with having sex, and Mrs. Voorhees blamed them for being irresponsible and letting her son drown. So yeah, that’s the official version, but there is much speculation about the events of the whole franchise.”

“Oh… that is a sad story…” Julie sighed. “And all because of the boy being deformed… sort of.”

“Yeah, and that is awful,” Kim added. “No one should treat people like that if they were born with some physical deformities. They are not responsible for being what they are.”

“Yes, you’re absolutely right,” Debbie nodded in agreement. “It’s just astonishing how cruel some people can be, especially kids.”

“In most cases kids do not entirely understand what they are doing and in what their actions might result,” Sandra said. “They begin to realize how mean they had been only when they grow up. Good to know that most people regret for being mean to others.”

“Well, I guess we all have been a bit of such sinners when we were kids, haven’t we?” Billy added. “No one is a saint.”

“Yeah, right…” Rod sighed. “Hey, how about we leave the gloomy thoughts behind? We came here to have a good time together. So, what do you say?”

“I think Rod is right,” Laurie agreed. “We better relax and think of something nice.”

Thus the group spent the time swimming, sunbathing and having barbecue in open air, not forgetting to take a walk around the area and enjoy the beauty of nature. They didn’t notice the time passing fast, and the sky slowly began getting darker. Sandra loved the dusk, but on the lake it looked even more majestic. While the sun was setting, the sky gained beautiful orange color, changing even to slightly purple shades with each moment of sun disappearing behind the trees. It got dark pretty soon, and the company was sitting at the fire and chatting.

“You know, guys, as today is a thematic day, I’d like to share something that I’ve read online,” Sandra began, and now everyone had their attention on her. “I’ve stumbled on two stories that happened to people in real life. It seems that some wackos take the Friday the 13th movies too serious. I mean, they think it’s fun to dress up like Jason and go scaring people.”

“Maybe only on Halloween it could be fun,” Julie said. “And what about them? Could you tell the details?”

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