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Chapter 10

Knowing that priests can be met on Sundays, when the holy mass takes place, Sandra sat at her computer and searched for the nearest church in her city. The best option she could find was St. Nicholas church and the priest Father Torres that served there. She wasn’t going to wait until the murderous spirit makes her delve into violence again and decided to act at once. Better so than regretting later. If Jason doesn’t disturb her day after day, it didn’t mean at all that he has left her alone. He was just in a dormant state and would make her remember that he was still there. Sandra could only hope that the situation could be controlled and won’t get that far when the only way to get rid of Jason turns out to be exorcism.

The mass in St. Nicholas church lasted for two hours, from 10:00 a.m. till the noon. Sandra decided it was better to wait until the mass ended, so the priest finished his work and would be free afterwards. Sandra reached her destination around fifteen minutes to twelve, but when she was ready to approach the massive church door, she suddenly felt coldness surrounding her in the middle of a hot day. Her heart started beating faster as the young woman knew that Jason was around here somewhere. She turned around, seeing no one, but as soon as she pulled her pocket mirror out of her bag, she saw Jason standing a meter or two behind her. Putting the mirror back into the bag, Sandra decided to run for it, but her attempt to enter the church failed miserably. She didn’t manage to get even close to the door when she felt something like grabbing her neck and pressing hardly. The worst thing was that she could do nothing about it, she couldn’t touch and pry open the invisible hand. Jason Voorhees was choking her, obviously angry with her tries to get rid of him; and the last thing he was going to allow was the priest standing in his way. Sandra felt her lungs getting less and less air and thought that this is it, her life ends right here and now. But the annoyed spirit suddenly seemed to change its plans, and Sandra didn’t even manage to comprehend what was going on when she felt herself fly away from the church. She moaned loudly in pain when her back and butt crashed on an asphalted sidewalk, as the impact was strong, but luckily not hard enough to break any bones. Sandra rolled on her side, clenching her teeth, and tried to get up. Coldness still was there, and it meant that Jason still didn’t leave her side. She was going to curse him for what he did when sound of footsteps reached her ears. Lifting her face up, she saw an Afro-American middle-aged couple running to her; and when they reached Sandra’s side, they helped her get up.

“Are you alright, miss?” the woman asked. “What happened to you? We saw you standing there, and in the next moment flying backwards from the church.”

“I… I don’t know…” Sandra spoke, rubbing her soaring elbows and other spots that collided with the ground. “I was going into the church, but then something like… threw me away. God, you would never believe anything like that…” Sandra tried to find the right words, but hear head hurt and was spinning, thus making her feel like drunk.

“Well, it happened, and we believe what we saw,” the man said. “Is everything alright? Can you stand? Maybe you need a doctor?”

Sandra shook her head.

“No, I’m alright. Thank you very much for your help.” She was ready to leave, but when her vision finally cleared, she spotted a camera hanging on the man’s neck; and it seemed one of those that make an instant photo. She concluded then that this guy might be a photographer. Then she felt the cold still surrounding them, and the couple seemed to feel it as well.

“Why is it so cold in the middle of a summer day?” the woman pondered loudly. “Do you feel it, Dan?”

“Yes, Mary, I do,” the man named Dan replied. “Kinda weird, don’t you think?”

While the couple was in a state of light confusion, Sandra suddenly had an idea.

“Please, sir” she began. “Does your camera make instant photos?” Getting an affirmative reply from Dan, she continued: “May I take a picture or two of the church? It’s really necessary, I assure you. May I use your camera for a moment?”

“Of course, no problem,” Dan replied and handed her the camera. Sandra took it and took a photo of the church entrance. And when the picture slid out of the camera, she took it and widened her eyes in terror at once. A translucent silhouette of a large man in a hockey mask stood there, seemingly a few meters away from them. Mary and Dan also didn’t hide their surprise and horror when seeing the photo, and both turned to the church, but, of course, saw nothing.

“Holy Mother of God, what is this?” Mary exclaimed, studying the photo. “Dan, look at that! It looks like some kind of a phantom standing there!”

“Yes, it is,” Sandra replied instead. “And he was the one who threw me so violently on the ground, not allowing to enter the church.”

“You know, I’ve heard that spirits usually don’t behave like that,” Dan said. “This already sounds more like a demonic entity that hates holy places.”

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