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Chapter 12

The feeling of anxiety filled Sandra’s mind all the next day. Today was Monday and she had to pay a visit to the psychic. She truly hoped that she could help, but if not, then at least she would provide some information about the entity that haunts her and how to get rid of it. She was so nervous that it was impossible to concentrate on anything else but the impending meeting with the woman named Joan Henderson. All Sandra could do now was waiting until her mother returns home and then drives her to the psychic. She was now too scared to move around on her own as Jason Voorhees might attack her again, or worse, to use her to commit another murder.

Caroline was back home at six and, having a quick lunch, got into her car with Sandra and drove to the address Mary Burrows gave to her. Joan Henderson lived on 21 Wellington Road, not too far from the city center, and they could get to her place soon enough. Just like Mary Burrows said, they had no difficulties in finding Henderson’s house. It was the only white house in this street that had just one floor. Sandra exited her mother’s car, looking around warily. She really was afraid that the malevolent spirit would do something right now to stop her from meeting a psychic. Luckily, nothing of that kind happened, and she pressed the button on the intercom at the gate that led into a rather pretty green garden. A middle-aged dark-haired lady stepped out of the house and approached the gate.

“Oh, hello there,” she said with a kind smile. “You must be Sandra, right?”

“Yes, it’s me,” Sandra replied. “And this is my mother, Caroline.”

“Pleased to meet you both,” Mrs. Henderson said, opening the gate. “Please, do come in.”

Sandra and her mother followed the lady inside her house. Joan could see at once how frightened Sandra was despite her best efforts to hide it. It wasn’t the first time people came to her for an advice on how to deal with the supernatural, but this time something inside told her that the thing Sandra was facing was much more dangerous than anything she had to deal with. Nonetheless, she would try to do her best to help.

“Sit down, dear,” she invited Sandra to join her at the table. “Please describe me the whole matter.”

Sandra started her story from the very beginning, from the moment she and her friends spent a night by the lake watching movies till now, when life forced her to visit a psychic. She hesitated to tell her that Jason’s spirit took her under his control and made her commit a triple murder. Joan looked at her and understood that the young woman still had something to tell, but was afraid to do it.

“Do tell me everything that happened, dear,” she said kindly. “Whatever it is, you should get it off your shoulders, no matter how terrible it might sound.”

Sandra swallowed and spoke again, obviously ashamed to look into Joan’s eyes.

“Mrs. Henderson…” she began, but Joan stopped her.

“You can call me Joan. I prefer it that way.” Sandra nodded and continued:

“Well, Joan, before I tell you, I’ll say that if it wasn’t for you who had experience with the supernatural, I would carry this secret with me into the grave.”

Caroline glanced at her daughter with surprise in her eyes. Was there something else that she didn’t tell her about?

“Just tell me, don’t be shy,” Joan smiled. “It’s important that I know every detail.”

“You see… if I ever told anyone about it, I would get myself arrested and put in jail,” Sandra said, her face getting crimson.

“What makes you think that?” Joan asked, tilting her head. Caroline did the same, but kept silent.

“Well… a day before I went to the church and met Dan and Mary Burrows, I stumbled on a group of four girls that had a fight. Three of them were bullying the fourth one who was much weaker and couldn’t defend herself properly. And in that moment…” Sandra paused, collecting her thoughts and making a deep breath “I had a feeling inside me that I have never experienced before. I felt feral rage increasing inside me and my body getting… stronger. No, literally I felt inhumanly strong. I had no idea why until images started flashing in my mind, images about the events I have never experienced in my life. It was like I was living through the moments of someone else’s life.”

Caroline listened with her mouth agape, but Joan showed no signs of surprise. She just tensed and moved a bit forward, listening with more interest.

“Can you describe those images?” she asked. “Tell me all you remember.”

“Yes, I do remember everything,” Sandra continued. “Those were events in a summer camp, and I was reliving the torturous life of a young boy that was born with face deformities. He was constantly bullied by other kids because of his unusual appearance. This is exactly what I saw in my mind at the moment when I saw the three girls bullying the fourth one in the same way. And then… I felt the urge to save the unfortunate girl. I felt the urge to kill the bullies. You won’t believe me, but I found a pair of rubber gloves in my jacket pocket, although I could swear that nothing of that kind had ever been there. I have no idea how they got into my pocket, but they were there. I then heard a voice in my head that clearly told me – kill them!”

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