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Chapter 13

For a few moments nothing broke the silence between the three women in the room. Joan sat like a stone statue, just closing her eyes which showed that she felt sorry for the young lady before her. She understood that Sandra was really in trouble. Caroline, in turn, couldn’t believe her own ears and widened her eyes in surprise and terror.

“He what?!” she asked, doing her best to keep herself from raising the voice. Sandra gulped nervously and looked at her mother.

“No need to raise your voice at her, Caroline,” Joan interfered. “Let her continue.”

“As I said before, I was like led through Jason’s childhood memories, witnessed him being severely bullied by his peers in the camp. This was really awful.” Sandra sighed and continued: “Plus, I was seeing it so like it all was happening to me, like I was Jason myself. And in that moment, being inside me and seeing the three girls beating up the other one, it stirred painful memories in Jason. It may sound funny, but I felt sorry for him. Demon or not, but it seems that he still can feel pain.”

“Alright, so what happened next?” Caroline asked. She tried to keep herself peaceful, but it was difficult for her to hide her anxiety.

“I would have helped the victim anyway,” Sandra said. “I would have interfered, but not in the way Jason made me do it. But first, if you ask about leaving fingerprints, there will be nothing. I have no idea how, but I found a pair of rubber gloves in my pocket. How they got there, is one huge mystery to me. As far as I remember myself, I have never owned rubber gloves. I guess it’s a question you have to ask Jason himself, heh.”

“He is careful enough, you have to give him that much,” Joan muttered loudly.

“Couldn’t agree more,” Sandra nodded. “I guess he doesn’t want me to get caught by police. Anyway, one of the girls then separated from the others to do her private things. And that’s when Jason forced me to act. Believe my word, I have never felt such strength in my body, never. And I… I mean Jason…” she stuttered, remembering this macabre scene. “He used my body to beat her head against the tree trunk till she was finally dead. She tried to struggle, but my grip was too strong, and all thanks to Jason.”

Sandra paused for a moment and spoke again.

“The second girl then went to search for her friend as she was away for too long. I managed to drag the body away where she couldn’t see it, and when the second girl was in my hands, she ended up with a broken neck. The third offender was suffocated. As for the victim… Before I got to the third girl, the victim fought her back and managed to escape. It’s much easier to fight one person than three at once. So she ran away before Jason made me kill the third mean girl and saw nothing.”

“What about the bodies?” Joan asked. “What did you do with them?”

“I was still under Jason’s control when I was done with them,” Sandra explained. “He sure knew where to lead me. He led me to an abandoned building that was never finished, or so it looks at least. I dropped them into a deep pit and filled it with rocks and bricks that were strewn around the entire territory. The ruins are hidden deep in the woods, so Jason chose the best spot for this. It took a while, but now the corpses are hidden well where no one can find them. Oh, and the gloves that I used vanished as suddenly as they appeared. When I finished hiding the bodies, the gloves disappeared from my hands in that precise moment. I know it sounds like a fairy tale, but that’s what happened. If I could explain it, I would; but I just can’t.”

After Sandra finished, her mother covered her face with her palms, supporting herself in her elbows. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Sandra, her own daughter, had just told how she murdered three people and hid their bodies somewhere inside ruins. And all because some kind of a demon made her do that. Caroline would have never believed any of this if someone else told her such things. But now here she was, at the psychic’s place, facing just the naked truth.

Joan, in turn, still seemed peaceful, or at least pretended to be.

“And then? Did he do anything else?” she asked.

“No, after that everything returned to normal,” Sandra said. “I was really surprised how peaceful I felt that day when I came home and told nothing to my mom. Only the next day I felt terrible and decided it was a good idea to go to the church and speak to a priest. I couldn’t go to the police station, as I’m sure they would blame me, and me alone. Thus years in prison would be guaranteed.”

“Yes, the police are guided only by what they can see with their own eyes, but nothing beyond that,” Joan agreed. “It was a right decision to go directly to the priest. But I know that Samuel Holden, the sheriff, is a believer. He believes in God and everything supernatural. He just doesn’t like to speak about it with his colleagues.”

“How do you know that?” Sandra asked.

“Well, there were a few cases when police had run into a dead end, all because they couldn’t find the logical explanation,” Joan replied with a smile. “So he invited me to join the investigation when things got weird. So yeah, we know each other. And Father Torres from St. Nicholas church is also a good acquaintance of mine. Although generally the church doesn’t support such things as magic, fortune telling, etc., but if it really helps people in any way or form, Father Torres doesn’t mind that I do my best to help.”

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