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Chapter 14

Sandra and her mother exchanged glances, and right then nothing broke the silence for a few minutes. Caroline looked very confused, and so did her daughter. The things Joan just said made them both get lost in thoughts.

“What do you mean?” Sandra finally spoke. “How can he be reborn through me?”

“I say, it’s just a theory,” Joan replied. “But with that I meant that through your body he may want to gain his own life. He would take you under his control, thus getting stronger. And when he is sure he’s strong enough, he would separate from your body permanently and exist by himself. He may want to gain independency.”

“And then what? He will just walk around our town and kill everyone off?” Caroline asked.

“This is a doubtful perspective,” the psychic said. “Crowded places aren’t suitable for Jason. I’ve also seen a few movies about him many years ago, and thus I think he would prefer isolated places where people do not go. Forested areas would be the best for him.”

Sandra listened with all her attention and nodded. It would be only logical if Jason preferred to stay in such locations where most people do not visit. That’s what he did in the movies at least. He always stayed in his camp, and if it happened for him to be somewhere else, he somehow found his way back. It was always a mystery to her how exactly he knew where to go. And if it happens just like Joan said, where would he make her go? It’s not like Camp Crystal Lake exists in real life… or maybe it does, and she just doesn’t know about it? So many questions raced through her mind, but neither of them could be answered right now.

“Okay, even if that is the case, I’m not some freaking puppet that can be controlled whenever he wants,” Sandra huffed angrily. “If that is what he wants, I’m ready to do anything it takes not to allow him command me. He did it once already, and you know the result. I won’t let him force me to take more lives.”

“Good, it will be the right thing to do,” Joan smiled and stood up. Sandra and Caroline did the same. “Well then, I’ll contact Father Torres and tell him about your situation. You just wait for my call, and I’ll inform you when he is at the church. Then you can go and talk to him.”

“Thank you very much, Joan,” Sandra thanked her, shaking hands, and Caroline did the same.

“You’re welcome,” Joan said kindly. “I truly hope that you will finally manage to get rid of the demon. I will help you as much as I can. Remember, as long as we work together, we can fight the demon back. In case if something happens, or if you need me, don’t hesitate to call.”

“I will. Thank you one again,” Sandra said, and both she and her mother left Joan Henderson’s house, hoping for the best.


The next day started happily for many inhabitants of the town, especially for Chuck and Mike Ferguson; the two brothers that couldn’t live without getting themselves into some adventures. Both were fond of visiting abandoned places with cameras, hoping that perhaps one day they would be able to catch some paranormal activity on tape. For many people such idea would seem crazy, but Chuck and Mike were of those types that could be called “guys with steel nerves”. Arming themselves with a kitchen knife and a baseball bat, the brothers went searching for another location where some kind of ruins could be found.

“Hey, Mike, as far as I know, there is one deserted building near the wooded area. This could be a great place for us to explore,” Chuck said with excitement. He loved going to such places even more than his brother did.

“Okay, so that’s where we’re going today, I guess,” Mike agreed. “Do you know exactly where it is?”

“I think I do,” Chuck replied. “First we should reach the outskirts, there is the wooded area starting. There will be a path that leads through the woods directly to the ruins.”

“Right. Let’s go then.”

The brothers then went on, passing the living quarters one after another and ignoring the posters with the portraits of three teenage girls that went missing a couple of days ago. It wasn’t the first time they saw these posters, so the guys decided not to pay attention to them anymore. Chuck and Mike found the ruins quite soon as they lived not very far from the outskirts. The path Chuck mentioned was really there, but it was so barely visible that not every person could have spotted it. Moving forward, they finally reached the open area surrounded by the woods from all the sides, and that’s where the view of the abandoned building opened before their eyes. The silent ruins lured both guys with its mysterious look, but there was an aura of creepiness surrounding it.

“What do you think this place was?” Chuck asked. Mike just shrugged.

“I don’t know, man,” he said. “Judging by what is left of it, I guess it might be some kind of apartment building that was never finished. I’m just curios why they abandoned their work.”

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