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Chapter 17

Since the visit to the psychic Sandra couldn’t find peace of mind. The thought about her being haunted by a real demon was just killing her nerves. Caroline felt even more anxious, being afraid that something really bad could happen to her daughter. Both of them could have never imagined that such thing as supernatural could ever appear in their life. But here they were, Sandra being followed by a malevolent entity that most likely wanted to use her as a vessel to live in this world. In any other situation it would sound unbelievable, but not this time.

This time it was a tough reality.

While Caroline was busy with the laundry, Sandra sat in the living room with a newspaper in her hands. It was almost 19:00, and in the moment she had nothing else to do. She skipped the pages one after another as nothing of interest could be found. There were always the same boring political news, nothing else that could sound interesting or useful. Sandra yawned lazily and was ready to put the paper down when suddenly something caught her attention. She read the criminal news column and felt cold sweat running down her temples. The article read the following:

“Today around 12:30 three corpses of teenage girls were found buried under a pile of bricks in the basement of an apartment building hidden deep inside the woods that border the outskirts of the town. The girls – fourteen-year old Kelly Withers, fifteen-year old Jenna Sinclair, and fourteen-year old Danielle Crooker went missing last week on Saturday. The parents of the deceased claim that their daughters met up in a town park around 17:00 and never returned home. The bodies were accidentally found by two siblings, Charles and Michael Ferguson who reported it to the police immediately. The local sheriff Sam Holden was shocked by the brutality and ferocity with which the victims were killed, especially Jenna Sinclair who had her face smashed into bloody mess almost beyond recognition. Police is now roaming through the area, concentrating most of the attention to the wooded areas, and the investigation is being conducted to find out more clues about the killer’s identity. Meanwhile the town residents are asked to stay alert, and if you spot any suspicious person, contact the police pronto.”

Sandra put the paper down and wiped the sweat from her forehead. Her hands were shaking from the overwhelming anxiety. The bodies were found, the same three girls that Jason made her kill. They have no idea who did it, not yet at least; but it doesn’t mean that they will never find out, does it? The demon was clever enough to provide her with the gloves so she left no fingerprints, but one day the cops might find some other clues. And the last thing Sandra wanted was going to jail. She knew it wasn’t actually her who killed those girls; so did Joan and Caroline. But how could she prove that to the cops? They only know what they can see; no more, no less. And if they find any evidence, it would only work against her and not some supernatural entity. She had to think well what to do about it.

Sandra got up and went to the laundry room where Caroline was putting the dirty clothes into the washing machine. Hearing her daughter’s footsteps behind her, Caroline turned around and stopped her business right there. Sandra looked as frightened as the day when she showed her the photo of the entity at the church door.

“Sandra, dear, what’s the matter?” she asked gently.

“Take a look this,” Sandra almost whispered, handing her the newspaper and pointing at a certain spot. “Read this article.”

Caroline took the newspaper and quickly read the article Sandra told her to read. Sandra saw her mother’s eyes widen in horror and face grow pale.

“So they have found it out,” she whispered.

“I’m scared, mum, I’m so scared,” Sandra said in a shaking voice. “I don’t want to go to prison! That bastard made me do that, and I couldn’t resist his power! I didn’t kill them!”

“I know, sweetheart,” Caroline said gently, giving her daughter a hug. No matter how nervous Sandra was, being in her mother’s loving arms helped her to calm down. “We’ll think of something. Right now you must stay calm and think clearly. There has to be a way.”

Sandra nodded and was preparing to say something when a sudden phone call made her jump. For a moment she hesitated to pick up but eventually took her cell phone to see who it was. Her mouth stretched in a faint smile when she saw Joan’s name on the screen.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Good evening, Sandra,” Joan spoke on the other side of the line. “I have news for you. I spoke to Father Torres and told him about your situation, without mentioning the murders of course. He would like to talk to you. He has an evening mass on Thursday at 17:00, so after that he would be able to dedicate his time to you. It seems that the events that happened to you raised interest in him.”

“Oh, really? That’s nice to hear. Thank you very much,” Sandra said, sighing in relief.

“You’re welcome, dear,” Joan said. “I can be present during the conversation if you wish. Father Torres doesn’t mind me to be near.”

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