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Chapter 23 (Final)

Samuel Holden slammed the gas pedal after starting the car engine and squeezed the steering wheel with such force that it seemed almost to bend underneath his fingers. Despite the rain that has recently begun and reduced visibility that it caused he was determined to reach Camp Crystal Lake as fast as possible. Deputy Johnson sat in passenger’s seat in silence, watching the sheriff in confusion and a bit of fear. He had never seen the sheriff in such an anxious state, and if he was so determined to get to that camp then the matter was indeed serious.

Joan and Caroline followed them closely, accompanied by several other police vehicles. The journey didn’t take long, not even half an hour; and the unfortunate mother felt even more shocked by the fact that Camp Crystal Lake was not just a real place, but it was also located so close to their town. Who could have imagined that it was even possible? But here they were, following the sheriff’s car and taking a turn into the woods until they reached a sign that was still standing by the entrance to an abandoned summer camp from the year 1935 and proudly greeted its visitors.


“Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake, est. 1935”


Caroline’s heart was beating frantically in her chest in the moment she saw the sign. She still could barely believe in what she was seeing. But all she could think of now was her daughter. Not caring about getting soaked in the rain, she jumped out of Joan’s car and started calling Sandra’s name, but to no avail for now.

“Where is she?!” Caroline asked nervously when Sam Holden approached her. “You said she went to this camp! Where is she?!”

“Stay calm, Mrs. Wilkins,” he said. “We’re going to search the entire camp until we find her. She can be anywhere.”

Joan also got out of her car and joined sheriff and Caroline until suddenly she froze in her spot, listening carefully. Her eyes expressed pure terror.

“Did you hear that?”

“What?” Caroline asked. “In this thunderstorm and downpour I can barely hear any other sounds.”

“I heard something,” sheriff said, listening as well. “It sounded like a woman screaming.”

And then, as a proof to their suspicions, a female scream echoed through the woods, this time louder and clearer.

“Oh my God… Sandra!” Caroline exclaimed in horror. “Where is she?!”

“The sound is coming from the lake,” deputy Johnson replied. “I heard it quite clearly.”

“Then let’s go, no time to waste.” Sam rushed everyone forward to the direction of the lake. “If we hurry we can still save her.”

Sheriff and his squad ran as fast as they could until they reached the lake; Joan and Caroline followed them closely not to fall behind. As soon as they got an open view of Crystal Lake, the first thing their flashlight shone on was an unfamiliar car. It seemed like Sandra wasn’t alone here. Some visitors appeared to find the camp by chance, and now everyone witnessed how dearly they paid for this fatal mistake.

Sandra wasn’t the source of the screams. Instead, Caroline watched in horror how her daughter, wearing a hockey mask on her face, dragged a young woman along the wet sand by the hair, the victim screamed in agony. As much as it was visible in the rays of the flashlights, the girl already got several other injuries from Sandra’s hands. At the car was a young man’s corpse lying on the ground with its throat slit, a bloody wound now encircled his neck like a macabre necklace. He must have been this girl’s boyfriend, but nothing of that mattered now. The police squad got to the lake at the very moment when Sandra picked the machete from the ground and pierced the girl’s throat with its deadly blade, silencing her screams forever. Sheriff just closed his eyes and clenched his teeth in annoyance and disappointment, understanding that they were too late to save the victims; but no one knew that they were here. If they somehow were at the camp, it could only mean that they found it by pure accident. Caroline, in turn, covered her face with her hands and sobbed, unable to look at the terrible scene. Seeing the live murder was psychologically difficult already, but this particular murder was committed by her daughter. And if it wasn’t bad enough, Sandra did it under the control of a demonic entity.

When the girl stopped screaming and her limp body fell on the ground, Caroline dared to speak first.

“Sandra, sweetheart, stop! Do you hear me? It’s me, your mother! Please, snap out of it!”

It was really hard for her to speak these words through tears and sobs, but unfortunately, Sandra showed no reaction to her mother’s pleas. Caroline sobbed even more, realizing that Sandra didn’t recognize her. Joan did her best to comfort the suffering mother, but it didn’t help much at the moment.

Watching the whole scene of bloodbath, sheriff then finally snapped and yelled out just one word:


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