Raising hell

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Come hear my voice you ugly creatures
All those who died a year ago
All spirits, deamons, evil witches
All souls who have no place to go

Today's your night so rise from darkness
The heaven sealed from dusk till down
Release your anger unchain madness
It's time to rise a black knight's throne

Let crow be croaking, wolf be howling
At bloody moon that lights our way
Through forest full of fearful yowling
Through caves of hell right to the grave

With guard of the unsleeping warriors
Which watching rest of ancient bones
That once belonged to men of glory
Who hab been sealed with curse on stone

We shall destroy this ancient magic
When there'll be shine a wall of stars
And he will rise! No longer heartsick
Will bother all of you! But scars...

This marks of time could cure the author
Or warming blood collared in fight
Like years ago we shall bring horror
So dark could change eternal night!

Михаил Рудин

#89 in Mystery
#34 in Supernaturals
#92 in Short stories

Story about: night, knight, magic

Edited: 11.08.2019

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