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Chapter 01: The Ashes.

*RUSSIA, (classified military base – 2019. Night)!

An open classified military area in Russia is spotted to have a lot of soldiers standing outside its compounds, and behind them; nuclear bombs are also spotted pointing above as in a ready position to launch! It starts to rain at that area, and that brought more attention to the soldiers in that area. After a while, some military cars are also seen to arrive the area and the soldiers got in attention position, as welcoming the arrivals at the area.
The commander in charge at that area comes out from within the military buildings to also welcome the guests; as he arrives near the parking area, the guests got out of the car!
Rodgers: (going to the guest), hello sir; welcome! (Offering a handshake), I’m Commander Rodgers; am in charge of this military base!
Constantine: (offering a handshake to Rodgers), thank you Rodgers; I’m Commander Constantine, of U.S military base!
Rodgers: am so pleased to meet you sir!
Constantine: (pointing the nuclear bombs, at that area), shall we?
Rodgers: we shall!
Both of them and the security that Commander Constantine came with walked through the area towards the place that the nuclear bombs were ready to be launched!
Constantine: (looking at Commander Rodgers), so tell me about the nuclear launching test!
Rodgers: yes sir; you see, here are the nuclear bombs that we’re about to test on launching. And within each nuclear bomb, there’s a special chemical formula that can cause mutation of various things; either living or non-living things!
Constantine: is it safe? I mean the landing area of the nuclear bombs; is it a safe place that won’t cause any harm to the humans?
Rodgers: affirmative sir! It is indeed safe; the nuclear bombs are going land on an open area that was prepared by the Russian government! The coordinates are already set; we were just waiting for your arrival and your go ahead!
Constantine: well then; if that’s the case, proceed with the final step!
Rodgers: (picking up his radio call for communication), operating room one; get ready for launch!
Voice radio call: did you say, get ready for launch sir?
Rodgers: affirmative!
Voice radio call: copy that! Getting ready for launch;
Rodgers: (to Constantine), we should get on the safe spot sir; the fun is about to start!
Constantine: copy that!
And so all the teams started moving away from the launching area towards the safe spot to where it’s safer to watch the nuclear launch! While on the safe spot, the raining condition continued to be wild; lightening and winds became stronger; the operating room returned a feedback to Rodgers that the counting is about to start!
Rodgers: (to Constantine), are you ready sir?
Constantine: I work at the U.S military base; what are you asking?
Rodgers: (smiles), okay then; here we go!
The counting started to commence for the launch to happen; everyone seemed to be thrilled. Until the nuclear bombs launched and they began to move to where the coordinates were set on the military systems.
Constantine: (to Rodgers), wow; I guess you made it Commander! The nuclear bombs are on move now;
Rodgers: it’s just a matter of time until they all land!
Voice radio call: (to Rodgers), sir; I think we’ve a problem!
Rodgers: (to Constantine), excuse me for a second; 
Constantine: yeah sure; go ahead!
Rodgers: (moves a side from Commander Constantine; and replies to the radio call), what’s the problem?
Voice radio call: it seems the nuclear bombs are over whelmed by the weather!
Rodgers: (shocked), what! How’s that even possible?
Voice radio call: I think we lost one of the nuclear bombs on the radar; it’s hit by the lightening!
Constantine: (moves close to Rodgers), is everything okay?
Rodgers: yes sir; everything is perfectly fine! We just lost one of the nuclear bombs, it was hit by the lightening; but the rest are still on track.
Constantine: okay then; I think it’s too early to say things are out of hand!
Voice radio call: (to Rodgers), sir; the lost nuclear bomb is back on track! It’s visible through the radar. 
Rodgers: (to Constantine), then you must be right; things are definitely not out of hand!
Voice radio call: (to Rodgers), except there’s a problem sir!
Rodgers: ooh God; what is it now?
Voice radio call: the nuclear bomb is heading somewhere else; I mean it’s not responding to the restored coordinates in the system!
Rodgers: (shocked), what!
Constantine: (to Rodgers), I thought you had everything in control!
Rodgers: honestly sir; am not sure myself what’s going on! This is very strange!
Constantine: (moves to one of his body guards and whispers), I need you to call the U.S military base, and report of what is going on here; we might be in a trap!
Body guard: affirmative sir!
Rodgers: (to the radio call), I need you to observe that nuclear bomb’s last destination?
Voice radio call: copy that sir!
Rodgers: (moves to Constantine), don’t worry sir; the operating room is working on figuring out the nuclear last landing destination!
Constantine: I hope they figure it out soon;
Voice radio call: (to Rodgers), sir! On my guess, we found the last landing destination of the nuclear bomb!
Rodgers: do tell;
Voice radio call: according to the coordinates it’s 3.0674°S, 37.3556°E. The nuclear is going to land exactly on the top peak of Mount Kilimanjaro!
Rodgers: (shocked), what!
Constantine: (to Rodgers), where’s this Mount Kilimanjaro?
Rodgers: (to Constantine), Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest Mountain in Africa; it’s found on one of the third world countries called Tanzania!
Constantine: ooh; thank God!
Rodgers: what!
Constantine: yeah, thank God it’s no longer our problem. At least it’s not going to land in one among our countries!
Rodgers: (shocked of Constantine), are you like serious right now? That bomb is carrying a chemical formula that mutates things; just imagine of it will do if it meets with the Mountain lava face to face, and what will happen to the people settled in the country!
Constantine: then what do you suggest we do?
Voice radio call: (to Rodgers), sir; I don’t think there’s anything we can do about that nuclear bomb! It’s totally out of control, and it will soon land in Tanzania.
Rodgers: (to Constantine), I think we should do what we can do best to save those poor innocent people of Tanzania!
Constantine: (calls one of his body guards), I need you to change the report to the U.S military base; tell them to report in every television available, Tanzanian citizens should evacuate the country; or seek safety if possible. The nuclear bomb is on its way to them!

Director West.

Edited: 31.05.2019

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