Revival Factory

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With the permission to get inside her dreams, Boone felt freer than ever. He followed her straight to her house from there, not letting Woman in Blue about his intentions.
How could she know what he was up to? She only expected one thing from him and it was a kill.
After reaching her house, he realized how much fault his plan had.
Even though she had written the letter, she had not posted it. 
Instead of it being inside the mailbox, outside her house, it was on the table.
How did I miss this shit? He began to grind his teeth, trying to come up with some way by which he could make her post the letter.
Because he could not touch or contact any living being, he spent all of his day in confusion which he could not resolve.


Hours went by and came the time of souls.
She was well asleep by this time and Boone could not think of any better time to make things happen.
Boone shrunk himself and dived inside her ear to land in her lucid dream world.
This time he was not playing around and had shenanigans of his own.
He was on the same spot where he had been the last time. There was a factory like thing with huge chimneys ejecting fairies as well as a sign board with a ceramic pigeon sitting on it.
Boone then morphed himself into something which had no physical form but was far terrifying from anything else.
He heard her gasps.
"Post the letter right now." Boone said.
Boone could care less.
 "Do it or I will kill you as well as the woman in blue-"
He had more things to say to scare her guts out but basic threat did wonders for him.
She was awake and was unable to tell if she was in dream or was out of her sleep.
When she somehow managed to regroup her senses, she lit the lamp and ran outside the house with letter in her hand.
"Take this." She sobbed as she let the letter slide through the gap.
Letter hit the bottom of mailbox and Boone felt relief.
Under the moonlight, she breathed to let the scare out of her while Boone was standing behind her.
About a minute later, she decided she had had enough of air then turned back to get in her house.
She could not stop herself from screaming. She could not keep her voice consistent. The scream had no voice was left in it.
The woman was immovable due to terror.
She was able to see Boone.
How can you? He wondered till his eye fell on his wrist watch.
It was still 27'O Clock.
I must kill her or Woman in Blue will know about my intentions. 
But the woman ran inside her house.
Her being inside made things easier for him. Unable to make any noise, she began running on stairs just to find Boone standing on the top of stairs.
Boone pushed her from there.
The fall was fatal and Boone's murder was clean.
Her family members rushed towards her only to find her body.
Those eyes were staring at Boone. 
Boone flew over her corpse.
Those eyes followed him till they rolled back at last.


The postman came the next morning in order to empty the mail-box. 
He unlocked the box and stuffed the letters inside his bag.
At this point, Boone had determined he would follow the letter and reach to Revival Factory.
Boone walked along the postman. 
For a while he seemed to have a company. And it seemed as if the postman was also sensing someone's presence around him. 
He could not tell where someone was.
The anxious man was having goosebumps and could feel blood flowing inside his cheek veins.
Feeling uneasy was not an excuse for his job though.
Somehow he gathered the mails from his designated area and began to walk towards his van where the driver was waiting for him.
He could read the address of post office written on the van.
Boone heard the driver say why he was red all of a sudden.
Postman had no answer for it. And nobody could ask question to Boone.
Boone did not think of making driver feel uncomfortable. He did not want the driver to crash the van and cause their deaths.
How would they react if their souls saw another soul sharing same seat with them during the crash?
Ultimately, Boone decided to get inside the back seat of the van.
There was someone else already.
At least he is not driving. He thought.
The person sitting on the seat smiled at him.
He gave Boone a shove which dropped him through the window right on the street.
The figure also passed through the window to reach towards Boone.
"Who are you?" Boone questioned.
"Grief." The ghost said, "It is my job to kill at 27."
"Did you think I would not know who was making her write the letter to factory?" Woman in Blue appeared there, "And I have caught you with your hands in cookie jar."
"Erase him." Grief said.
Boone didn’t get intimidated by him very much because he couldn’t see the reaper axe anywhere.
Surrounding began to glow.
Every object which he could see started to illuminate till his eyes could not bear light anymore.
The two figures in front of him had the most intense luminosity among all.
Boone was forced to shut his eyes.
Then the light started to show mercy on him. 
As his contracted retina began to take its original shape again, he saw those two people lose their brightness.
When the light vanished then he was looking at two vases which were on the table.
He was also sitting on something.
It was his couch. And he was in his home.
Then Boone felt something which he hadn’t felt since a long time, his heartbeat.
Woman in Blue had revived him.

K.R Webber

#210 in Fantasy
#100 in Mystery
#44 in Supernaturals

Story about: horror, ghost, murder mystery

Edited: 30.11.2019

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