Revival Factory

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Revival Machine

                            REVIVAL MACHINE

He spent hours by thinking how he could get the key which he had no clue what it even looked like. Boone had ability of doing something there, going anywhere with the mop in his hand.
Making things tough for him, he reached to deeper places of the factory.
He soon was in the passage where everyone walked with their masks on. None of those masks looked pleasant.
They looked like something ploughed straight out of nightmare.
Disfigured and disproportionate facial features which could scare a child or a grown man feel uncomfortable.
He saw some of those people, walking and stretching their bodies.
"Longest stretch ever!" one's muffled voice said.
"I'll go and sleep till dinner." Another said.
Boone found a point right there.
He followed him. This time he was pretty good at it.
Old Ghost had taught him well how not to sneak at someone.
He reckoned the man he was following was a low level worker because he went inside the dormitory, took off his mask and threw himself on his bed.
Once he covered his face with the blanket, Boone stole the mask.
"Don’t worry. This mask will be back here till dinner." He whispered while he walked out of the room.
Following other masked men, he reached inside the Revival Room.
On the corner of the giant room there was a huge machine which was inhaling letters. Machine looked very much like a burner due to steam coming out of it. On the other hand, it also appeared similar to first generation computers.
His thoughts ended when he sighted Crowman in there with the operator.
When Crowman moved aside, he saw a key hanging on the wall.
Is this it? Boone was not sure but because they key was near Crowman at the time when he had seen it, he convinced himself it was key to his room.
By escaping everyone's sharp eyes, Boone stuffed it inside his pocket.
And when people got busy, he got out from there.
Boone went on to put the mask back in the dormitory from there.
Then he went for Crowman's door.
He heard Red Demise's door opening. 
Shit! Boone got terrified as it opened and Red Demise came out from there.
Boone was hiding behind the open flap of door for few seconds. 
He lied down on floor when Red Demise locked it.
The only reason Red Demise was unable to see him was because he was in Red Demise's blind spot. Red Demise did turn his head around because of his heavy beak. Unlike birds, his eyes were in front of his head. Not on sides. So he always had avoided to turn his head in every matter.
The heavy beak was enough to imbalance him.
Red Demise took out his feather, caressed it on door and it locked.
Then Red Demise went away.
Boone put the key inside the sculpture's mouth and turned it when Red Demise was gone. But the door did not unlock. It did not even feel like key had been inserted inside the lock.
It was when he realized he required Crowman's feather to unlock his room.

Old Ghost was showering in the bathroom while he cussed and whined about his stressful day even thought there was nobody to hear him.
He had soap all over his head.
Few drops even seeped inside his eyelids which irritated his eyes.
He was cursing even more when he splashed handful of water on his face.
After a while, his eyes felt good. 
He soon regretted it when he saw Boone picking up feathers from the floor.
When Boone rolled his eyes up, he got a nice view of Old Ghost's jewels.
"Haha!" Old Ghost laughed, "Now you are a bathroom cleaner?"
"Yes. I am." Boone did not want to see any part of Old Ghost.
He collected feathers and left Old Ghost showering.

Boone, once again, stood in front of Crowman's door. 
He took out the feathers from his pocket and looked around to know whether someone was peeking on him. He had already got plenty of Old Ghost's attention by now.
Boone then gently caressed the crow's beak by the feather. 
It did not work so he tried another feather.
One of them worked.
Beak opened and the door clicked open.
He smelled grassy fragrance as air came out from Crowman's room.
After taking a long breath, he stepped inside the dark room.
As soon as his feet touched the floor, he felt like he was walking on haystack. Taking further steps made him believe those were twigs.
His eyes were taking time to adjust with the surrounding. But it didn’t take longer for him to see where he was.
Boone was walking on a giant nest made of twigs and hay strands.
The nest was as big as a crater.
In the middle of the nest there was a life sized egg shell which had been broken into two.
He believed it was the egg from where Crowman had hatched.
But on corner of the room, there was the thing which Boone had come looking for thus far.
Boone jumped his way across the quicksand like nest to the dumpster.
The nest was not supposed to walk on but instead to fly to. Boone didn’t have wings so he was miles further from the comfort.
Gasping, Boone opened the lid of dumpster without making any noise.
Letters reflected in his eyes as if they were treasure.
Boone also behaved like he had discovered a chest dug by pirates.
On the utmost surface he found his lifeline. There was no way he could not recognize the envelopes which he had thrown in there.
They didn’t look dirty by any means but rather appeared appealing from every avenue.
The admiral came to a stop at a time and he started gathering the envelopes one by one. 
He was in no condition to afford losing any of those letters.
"I need some rest." Boone heard a voice coming inside through the door.
Crowman was right outside the room.
Boone's jaw dropped when he heard the door click open.
He knew it would take few seconds for Crowman's eyes to adjust so he dived inside the dumpster.
Boone was glad that he had managed to defy Crowman's ears as well.
"Old Ghost!" Crowman called.
"Yes, sir." His voice was unmistakable.
"Burn the letters of this dumpster." He commanded.
Boone knew he was not going to burn it right there because it was Crowman's room.
And he was delighted to find out he was right.
Old Ghost put his hands on dumpster and began to push it out of the room.
"It is heavy." Old Ghost whimpered.
"I know. And I am thinking of making things easier for you." Crowman replied.
Boone kept his silence.
He realized he was well far from Crowman's room when he just began to hear panting of exhausted Old Ghost.
Old Ghost stopped pushing to wipe his sweat.
Dumpster was just too heavy for him this time.
Boone will push it for me. He thought when he reached the same place where Boone had been mopping for days.
"Boone, are you around here?" Old Ghost began to make noise.
The calls became fainter with each step Old Ghost took and disappeared soon.
Boone peeked out by lifting the lid to watch surrounding and jumped out from there.
Some letters fell out from garbage along with him.
Hasting, he began to put them back in.
"Here you are! What are you up to? Hide and seek?" Old Ghost came seconds after Boone closed the lid.
"I wasn’t hiding. But it looks you were seeking for me." Boone laughed, trying to eject out nervousness.
Did he see me coming out of dumpster? He doubted.
"Okay, help me and push this thing. Crowman told me to burn all these rejected letters."
Boone then began to push it while Old Ghost walked along with him.
He could feel they were close to the burner. Boone was sweating more than when he was inside the garbage.
Even the dumpster had started to heat up.
Old Ghost opened the door and flames immediately showed their presence.
"Empty the letters in the fire." Old Ghost ordered him.
Boone tilted the dumpster and letters started to fall inside the fire.
Around the burner room there was nobody other than them. He had no skeptics regarding why. The place was blistering hot.
Old Ghost helped him to pull the dumpster back.
"I will get burns. We should move-"
Old Ghost hushed him, "You will miss the most interesting part about this fire. Wait."
Curiosity let Boone hold his sweat for a while.
"See." Old Ghost pointed at the smoke which had taken human figure. Those shape shifted smoke walked on flames in number of hundreds. 
They looked down and began to cry.
"For years I thought they were souls mourning for themselves till I realized they weren’t. Those things on fire are hopes of people who had written those letters."
"Every soul won't get human life again." Old Ghost continued.
"Who decides it?" Boone questioned.
"I remember you pointing a gun at me because I my nose, apparently, was stuck in somebody else's matter."
"I shouldn’t have threatened you. I should have kept calm and answered your questions so that you don’t do silly things in coming days."
"I didn’t take it to my heart." Boone said.
"Neither did you take it in your brain. I saw you steal Crowman's feather."
"Fetish." Muttered Boone.
Old Ghost didn’t take it as a joke. He stopped making any sound.
Boone felt the necessity to break silence, "What does Crowman pay you for this job?"
"If he is pleases, he will revive my grandfather." Old Ghost took out a torn letter from his pocket, "He will put life on an Egyptian who will go on to be a laborer in construction of Pryamids."
"Doesn’t revival mean, err, reviving in general?" Boone was astonished.
"I call it recycle. One body will have thousands of souls residing in it one by one. But each of them makes same decision, lives same way and dies same way."
"What about memories of their past life?" Boone interrogated.
"Having memory from past life is rare. But it will be worthless. Think what would happen to me if I tell early Christians Earth is round? Or what if I tell people colonizing Mars that I was involved in Aztec sacrifice? Time shall change but mockery of me won't."
Boone still had his eyes locked at Old Ghost's letter, "Do you ever think of sliding this letter in Revival Machine?"
Old Ghost laughed, "What's the point of being a soul if he can't leave greed and impatience with his corpse?"
"But you are well aware I am alive."
"I am also aware what you are up to." Old Ghost poked the letters on Boone's pocket.
"Will you help me?"
"I can just tell you what to do. The machine doesn’t accept more than thirty letters at once. No more, no less. Those thirty letters are selected by Crowman himself. Put your letters in the tray of selected letters and remove those letters you want to remove. Simple. But be cautious, if you don't make it thirty, in exact, then the machine will set an alarm."
"What kind of alarm?" Boone wanted to know.
"It announces the name of person who made the error." 
"Where do these letters go to?"
"Why don’t you ask Crowman, you shit ingrate." Old Ghost changed the way he spoke.
"Alright! Calm down."
"Okay." Boone caught the dumpster.
"Get out of my sight and never talk to me about this shit factory again." Old Ghost was now roaring.
Boone found his wrath frightening for some reason.
He ran.
When Boone was gone, Old Ghost spread a smile on his face. 
Crowman had promised me he would revive my grandfather immediately if I catch anyone trying to revive an unauthorized person. Boone felt delighted than ever, whistled and watched the hopes weep on fire.
Now Old Ghost was just waiting for Boone to make a mistake.

K.R Webber

#216 in Fantasy
#102 in Mystery
#47 in Supernaturals

Story about: horror, ghost, murder mystery

Edited: 30.11.2019

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