Ring of sorrows

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Ring of sorrows

     The orange and red leaves, rustling as the chilly breeze rushes through the air. I wave the gun around. Resisting to hold still, even for the slightest second. Keeping my back from being expose to the unknowing threat. The Intruders must be around near by. Couldn't have gotten far. Most likely waiting for the right moment to pounce on me. 

     Fortunately, the gun was providing me with protection. Keeping a separation from me and the mystery hounds, lurking in the night. 

     Darn it. 

     My hands starting to shake. How long have I been standing and turning. My stomach is now rumbling. Alerting me of a possible nausea. My head feels heavy. I need to get back. I command my feet, rushing to the cabin. Than my chest immediately aches. 

     My knees make a loud thud to the wooden floor. My heart deflates inside my ribcage. My darling butterfly was standing on a chair with a noose tied to her neck. 

     "I don't know what's happening?" She said with worried eyes, swelling with tears. 

     "Could it be the ring?" I whisper to myself. 

     My heart rate rapidly beats when I watch her eyes rolls back. Now she was only left with two white eye  balls. 

     "Please who ever is possessing her, let her go," I beg. 

     She remains silent. 

     "I'll do anything!"

     My frustration began to swell up at a fast pace. "Take my life instead!" I demand. 

     Her lips spread apart, slowly. "I'll accept."

     My breathing than slowed down. "Okay," I say in a low gloomy tone. I repeat, "okay," and lift my knees off the ground. 

     In a quick instant I raise the gun, pulling the trigger. Squeezing it repeatedly. Aiming the barrel at the rope tied to the ceiling fan. But there was no gunshots to be heard. Only the rustling trees that was behind my back, coming from the open front door. I chuckle. I couldn't help it. I was certainly helpless. 

Michael romain

Edited: 29.10.2019

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