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    That was not the first time. Yes! That was not the first time Nick will molest me. It started sometimes ago and nobody is ready to help me because nobody knows about it and I am too scared to say it out. As the water cascaded down my body, I recall my life story and how I became a member of this household.
    It all happened seven years ago. I was ten. I had a very happy family and I was the only child. My parents loved each other and they engaged in PDA* several times so much that I knew my mum was the one for my dad and vice versa. 
    However, just as the quote says, 'There is always a rough edge around every smooth surface.' 
    My mum had just informed us that she was finally pregnant a month ago and I and my dad were terribly excited. I was particularly excited because I would have a younger sibling to dote on and order around. 
    Then one day, I came back from school to see my Aunt, Aunt Lucy, crying profusely in our sitting room with some relatives. I was alarmed. Why was she crying? Why are the rest of the people seated not proffering any solution to stop her tears? I greeted them all and I moved closer to her and whispered to her to stop crying that I would go call my mum upstairs to comfort her.
    As I was about to step away, she held on to me and carried me sideways on her lap. Then, she told me the four words that shattered my world,
    “Your parents are dead.” I looked at her as if she had just grown two heads and she elaborated, 
    “They had an accident while your dad was driving your mum to the hospital for her weekly checkup.”
    I leaped off her lap and started running. I did not know where to but I kept running. As I stepped out of the gates of our wide compound, two hands brought me back into the compound and I was carried into the house to face my predicament.
    After a while, I sat still, the news was too sudden to be real. I still saw my parents this morning, they didn't tell me they were going to die' I thought silently as tears gave way down my face.
    I was devastated. 
    I was broken.
    I was EMPTY.



Edited: 04.12.2019

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